The 1st time Slyde Handboards Met Legendary Bodysurfer Mark Cunningham

March 18, 2013 1 min read

As most of you know, last weekend (10th-12th) 2013 was the Surf Expo and below was one of my highlights to the show.  One of my personal idols, and a living legend in his own right, Mark Cunningham, dropped by the Slyde Handboards booth to check out our boards.  

I was super stoked to meet the maestro and got to chat it up for a while.  Getting his input was, in a word, "SICK”.

To those who are not familiar with Mark Cunningham, here is a little bit about him. If you’re into bodysurfing, you should definitely get to know a bit about him.

Bodysurfing legend Mark CunninghamIn 1974 as a senior in high school, Cunningham won the North Shore Bodysurfing and Paipo Contest at Pipeline.  That started a 15-year domination of bodysurfing events in Hawaii and around the world. Mark was a lifeguard for the City and County of Honolulu for over 29 years.  He was a lifeguard at Ehukai/Pipeline for 18 out of 29 years.  Cunningham was also in San Francisco to make an appearance at a showing of Keith Malloy’s bodysurfing documentary, Come Hell or High Water at the Save the Waves Film Festival on Friday night, and then to freeze his okole in the 54-degree water at the first San Francisco Bodysurfing Classic at Ocean Beach.

To read more about Mark Cunningham, read here Check out a great Surfline interview with the great Mark Cunningham here.

Adam Whitten
Adam Whitten

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