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Slyde Handboards Debuts Futuristic Handboard at 2013 Surf Expo

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Slyde Handboards, Marko Foam and Hydroflex Surfboards debuts futuristic handboard

At the opening of the 2013 Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida, Slyde unveiled a futuristic handboard "masterfully" designed by Marko Foam and Hydroflex Surfboards.

Marko FoamThe "state of the art" handboard took shape with Marko Foam of Irvine, California.  Marko Foam initiated the "Surf Green" program.  They have exclusive global rights to gather and recycle EPS scraps into "high-quality" eco-friendly blank surfboards, handboards and such.  

"We're always working to revolutionize handboarding/handplaning/bodysurfing.  Marko Foam and Hydroflex Surfboards were the ideal partners, offering the perfect blend of cutting edge technology and superior quality," said Steven Watts, creative director and founder of Slyde Handboards.  

Hydroflex SurfboardsThe environmentally friendly handboard blank was then passed onto Hydroflex Surfboards to add on their "advanced" design and technology.  Hydroflex technology was engineered by a surfer and surfboard shaper in Germany.  The process consists of a 3D lamination process, which directly infuses fiberglass into the foam of the surfboard blank.  As Hydroflex states, the process, "eliminate(s) any future potential of de-lamination, while creating a noticeable lighter board, made for exceptional performance and responsiveness."

The collaboration between Slyde Handboards, Marko Foam and Hydroflex Surfboards intends to push the limits of design and innovation within the surf industry, perhaps forever changing the face of surfing.  

"I'm an avid surfer.  Handboarding was only recently introduced to me and I'm hooked," said Matt Ferris, a Surf Expo attendee, "The Slyde, Marko Foam, Hydroflex board is mind-blowing.  It's the Jetsons of surfing."

Come check out the futuristic board at booth #1256 at the Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida, January 10th - 12th, 2013.

Find more additional details on Mark Foam here, and you can find more information on Hydroflex Surfboards here.

steve watts
steve watts

Growing up in South Africa, Steve spent his youth dreaming of far off places. After spending eight years extensively traveling to many of the great surf destinations of the world getting dengue fever, having a near death experience from a falling coconut in mexico, Surviving a 15 foot drop on a handboard on a Nias bomb, jumping from every rock he could find without adequate health insurance. and comprehensively debunking the myth there are no waves in Thailand, even if they are small. He decided it was time for a a degree. Steve Graduated from Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design in London with a degree in product design. He missed his graduation to go surfing in Californian, found a kindred spirit with Venice and never left

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