Hydroflex: The Next Generation in Lamination

March 01, 2013 2 min read

Hydroflex Surfboards: the next generation in lamination

This last week, I was privileged enough to see the next generation in surfboard production, and I thought they definitely deserved a shout out! Not only because they are doing some insane work and development in the laminating process, but also because they are currently developing the very first handboard with the same technology.

Unfortunately, there are times in this industry (as amazing and incredible as it is) that you tend to run into quite a bit of resistance when it comes to new innovation. The status quo seems to suit some people, but not these guys! They are charging forward and are as open as you can get to just plain trying out new things. It's a handful of guys like Rich and his awesome and talented crew over at Hydroflex that, in my opinion, are driving this amazing sport forward.  Keep it up, guys.

Check out more from the guys at Hydroflex here

Hydroflex surfboards technologyThe Hydroflex surfboard design is based on the patented 3D-lamination process. This unique 3-Dimensional bonding structure is used to glass our boards, which multiplies the bonding surface and strength between resin, cloth and core. De-lamination is eliminated by anchoring the laminate into the foam core, creating a board with superior performance and responsiveness. This process was developed in Germany after years of research by surfer and shaper, Bufo. With the idea of plant structure in mind, he engineered this unique process to produce high-performance surfboards with proven flex characteristics.


 Hydroflex surfboards 3D laminationThese characteristics include:

• Faster and longer lasting flex patterns: Heaps of pop.

• Fully customizable shapes and glassing.

• High strength-to-weight ratio

• 3-D glassing, which makes for a natural and lively feel

• Vacuum processed for maximum strength

• 3-D epoxy construction avoids de-lamination

• Superior performance and responsiveness

• Doesn‘t feel rigid or hard

Here are few boards from our trip down to the hydroflex offices and factory in Ocean Side, north of San Diego. Not exactly a great insight into the inner working I'll admit, but they are sick boards, and I couldn’t resist.  Then my phone died!   

Hydroflex surfbords raw foam coreThese are the two raw eps foam core from our friends at Marko Foam. These two little gems will be glassed using the 3-D glassing from the Hydroflex lamination process. I cannot wait to see how these boards turn out!

steve watts
steve watts

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