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Mike Stewart Designed MS Vipers in the Slyde Store Now

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Mike Stewart Vipers Slyde store

Finally, we have our first round of Mike Stewart designed MS Vipers: Yellow and Orange Dot. There are only a few in stock, so please get there fast to avoid disappointment.  Get them here. Vipers seem to be the mainstay of most watermen, and we here at Slyde can see why. These fins provide incredible thrust, and are also great completely submerged as you would be if you were bodysurfing. We love these fins. However, always make sure these are the right fit for you. Everyone has different feet. Make sure the style you want fits your foot type right. There is nothing worse than having to get out of the water when it’s firing just because you have cramp. To check out more info on fins, check out our fins section, All About Fins, or    

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Designed and worn by 9-time world champ Mike Stewart, these fins have years of wave-riding experience behind their design, construction and function. 

orange dot mike stewart viper finsFeatures:

- 100% natural rubber, so they float and you can easily spot them if lost. 

- Wider, shorter blade for added acceleration 

- Mike Stewart Delta Blade improves control and reduces drag 

- Drainage holes for grit and sand 

- Bevel side rails for added control 

- Rivet grip traction bottom for grip on slippery rock jump offs, yet they won’t snag on coral or sharp objects

The new Orange Dot MS Vipers are a great feeling, softer fin. If you find the Yellow Dots too stiff, this is a great option. You can really feel the rubber quality in these with a much easier and springier kick in both the down-stroke and the up-stroke. Softer rubber equals faster kick. I would suggest the Orange Dots in particular for the smaller sizes (S, XS).  Orange Dot MS Vipers: Same great design as the Yellow Dot MS Vipers and made with softer rubber compounds.  

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