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Sticky Wax: The Best Wax on the Market Now Sold at Slyde

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Sticky Wax now sold at Slyde

At Slyde, we have been using Extra Sticky wax on our boards for over a year now and it’s the best wax we have come by so far. Few people realize that to get that extra stick for your hand on your board, you need to use wax. Wax it up just like you would any other board and you're good to go!  The epoxy can get quite slippery when wet, so don't get caught red-handed.  Grease up your stick with a healthy dose of wax. Also, we just love the branding!!!!

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Extra Sticky Wax

Our most popular wax, Extra Sticky, is effective in all water conditions, all year round. It beads up well on epoxy boards and all softboards.  Use it on skim boards for extra stick when you slide, kite surfing on surfboards has even been used on yachts and any other slippery wet surface you can think of! This is one versatile wax!!

About Stick It Wax

Stick It wax now sold at SlydeStick It has come to the world of surfers to give them what they have always wanted from a wax, but never had. Stick It not only adheres to your board better than any other wax, but it feels more comfortable and confident under your foot, where it’s really needed. Technically superior, it builds up awesome mounds, even on glass. It won’t become greasy, and no more trying to fill up bare patches after a big session.

Stick It now has a board wax for all water temperatures. We've pioneered a true “All Water” wax used for long boards, and the Extra Sticky for surfers who like a softer stickier wax. Stick It also has an all water wax just for chicks, cuz everyone deserves special treatment!

Stick It has been tested in heaps of surf events and tours, in all sorts of conditions, in the waters of Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, France, England, Hawaii, California, Indonesia, South America, South Africa and Japan and now has a huge following around the globe. Stick It is manufactured in North Narrabeen, Australia.

for more info on Stick It Wax, check out:

Stick it Wax

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