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Through my years of traveling, I have come across some gnarly surf inspired vehicles. There’s the Aussie campervan with badly painted daisies on the side (the obvious result of a drunken bet), with a dude in a straw hat and a pair of aviators in the front seat, boards sticking out every window and his trusty dog in the passenger seat.  There’s also the stoked Vietnamese guy with a death wish on his moped, sitting on his board as it juts out behind him, screaming through the busy streets of China.

Surf Vehicles

Surf vehicles come in all shapes and forms.  It boils down to whatever vehicle you have; stick your board in it, on it or over it and you're good to go. We all remember our first. A trusty steed, a beat up piece of shit you loved.  But still, proud as punch you were. Who cares if it had more rust than paint?  I didn't.  My first car was an old 1980's VW Golf hatchback.  I could fit a lot of dudes in that car.  A lot!  We all have that love affair with the car that took you to all of your favorite breaks, even if it meant long hours on the side of the road when the tire came clean off, or you just couldn't afford gas so you played roulette with the gas gauge and lost. It was yours and it took you surfing.

So in praise of the surf vehicle, we will be periodically posting sweet rides that get you to the beach when we see them around. This will be the first of those. This is a beauty and belongs to someone that takes their surf travels seriously, and my god do I want to join him. I couldn't figure out who it belonged to without knocking randomly on doors in the neighborhood to ask.  If I had found them, I think my first question to him would have been:

Where are you going in that?! And can I come? Come across some gnarly surf vehicles? Post them in the comments on our Facebook. 

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