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In our opinion, you should try each of these picture-perfect breaks, if you can.  This is the first in our three part series on the best bodysurfing (learn how to bodysurf) beaches in the USA.  So no matter where you are in California, there’s no excuse to not get shacked!


Here are the best body surfing beaches that we think will make you appreciate the Golden State even more!

This beach is a haven for bodysurfing in particular.  The best of the best come here to strut their stuff.  These waves often mean trouble for the inexperienced groms out there, so be careful!  The Wedge’s name comes from the type of wave generated when an incoming wave reflects off of the nearby jetty, pushing the wave height upwards of 30 feet.  These monsters are usually prevalent when solid south by southwest swells blow in during the summer and fall months. 

Oceanside Pier (Oceanside, CA)

This beach in north San Diego County is home to the World Bodysurfing Championships, which have been going on strong for 37 years.  The breaks on both the north and south side of the pier are perfect for bodysurfing just about any time of the year.

Lower Trestles (San Clemente, CA)

While there are also Upper and Middle Trestles, Lower Trestles really shines when it comes to the heavenly shore breaks.  With it’s consistent waves, the beach hosts the ASP World Tour surfing competition every year.  If you’re planning a visit, get stoked to see some sweet southern swells bringing in the barrels!

Salt Creek (Orange County, CA)

Just north of Laguna Niguel, Salt Creek is situated in a cove and provides some beautiful left-breaking waves.  There may be some crowds to deal with out in the lineup as a result of these sweet barrels.

Malibu Lagoon State Beach  (Malibu, CA)

This is one of the most well known surf spots in Los Angeles County, and its famous rights have been a big part of surf culture in Southern California.  The perfect “point” waves are the quintessential summer surfing waves, but are available all year round.  Also known as Malibu Surfrider Beach, the “First Point” waves that it generates are perfect for longboarders.  At the Second and Third Points are where the more powerful, high performance waves are for the shortboards.  As a bodysurfer, any of these will rock your world!

The Wedge : Newport Beach California 

No California bodysurfing beach review would be complete without the famous Newport beach break. The Wedge is a man made break that heaves up on a South swell. The energy behind the wave is what makes this bodysurfing wave such a thrill. Steep fast and probably the most fun you'll have in the ocean. However this a is a wave to be respected and only ride if you are very experienced. 

Dane Amacher drops in for a visit

Best Bodysurfing Beaches: California Edition the wedge

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