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Best Women's Swimsuits for Active Lifestyles

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Best women's swimsuits for active lifestyles.

Let's face it--finding swimsuits that fit and make you feel good inside and out is a challenge. Add the need for support and coverage demanded by active beach and watergoers, and you better be ready for some serious shopping! Whether you spend your beach days handboarding, surfing, kiteboarding or chasing after your little ones in the sand, you need swimsuits that offer the fit, support and coverage you crave. Read on for tips on choosing the best women's styles to suit an active lifestyle.

Bra Tops & HaltersHalters best women's swimsuits for active lifestyles.

First let's talk tops. In general, bra tops with underwire provide the best bust support, especially for those who are particularly well-endowed; however, some active beach babes find underwire to be uncomfortable. If you fall into this category, a halter top is your best bet. In comparison to skimpy triangle tops, halter tops typically feature thicker straps and provide more bust coverage. Choose a style with a thicker fixed underband (as opposed to a sliding style) so your top stays in place. Straps are key for active beachgoers, so avoid strapless bandeau styles that easily slide down.

Boyshorts & Hipsters

Boyshorts and hipster-style best women's swimsuits for active lifestyles.Moving on down the body, it's also important to consider your swimsuit bottoms. Compared to tie-side bottoms and string Brazilian-cut bottoms, boyshorts and hipster-style bottoms are generally better for athletic girls, as they won't untie or shift much with movement. But when it comes down to it, it's really all about the fit. Many women often buy bottoms that are too big on them to avoid them digging in. This almost always leads to what we like to call "soggy bottom syndrome." To avoid bottoms digging in, choose styles with softer tab or loop sides and/or rippled edges. Your bottoms should fit you snugly all around.

Rash Guards

Rash guards women's swimsuits for active lifestyles.For active girls, rash guards are also extremely popular, and for the 2014 resort season, they're also a major trend! A number of the industry's fashion-forward designers are creating rash guards that can be worn with matching bikini bottoms, over your swimsuits and under wetsuits. They're great choices if you plan on being active in the water and for helping to keep you warm.

Bikinis vs. One-Piece Swimsuits

One-piece best women's swimsuits for active lifestyles.When considering active swimsuits, there seems to be a debate on whether you should wear a bikini or a one-piece swimsuit. In my opinion, you can wear either, as long as you stick to the above suggestions! If you plan on wearing a wetsuit anyway, go for the style that you're most comfortable with. Regardless of the style you choose, try and avoid crazy embellishments and details. An active swimsuit should be practical; you can go crazy with the prints, but save the frills and extra embellishments for lounging by the pool.

Susan Bodack is the Social Media Marketing Manager leading online retailer specializing in stylish designer swimwear, beachwear and accessories. For more information about and the hottest styles in the swimwear industry, follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @InStyleSwimwear or check out their blog,Beauty and the Beach.

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