World Record Broken for Biggest Wave Surfed?

November 03, 2013 2 min read

Carlos Burle big wave surfing Nazare Portugal

Earlier this week, the St. Jude's Storm  brought massive swells to Nazare, Portugal, as well as a number of the world's best big wave surfers chomping at the bit to ride these beasts.  The Inquisitr reported that the massive storm was responsible for at least 15 deaths and widespread destruction throughout the European continent.  Dangers aside, surfers flocked to the Nazare beaches to ride the unimaginable.  The standout wave of the day went to Brazilian big wave surfer Carlos Burle, who caught a ride on a monster wave, the likes of which have possibly not been surfed before.  You can check out Burle's amazing ride here on this video posted by Red Bull.  The wave Burle rode has been estimated at 100 feet, which would shatter the previous record held by Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara.  McNamara rode a 78-foot wave back in 2011, and this is currently in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest wave ridden.  Although McNamara rode what was estimated to be a 100-foot wave in January, the certified record still stands at 78 feet today.

Maya Gabriera rescue Nazare PortugalBurle was able to complete a daring rescue of big wave surfer Maya Gabriera too.  Gabriera nearly drowned after she broke her ankle and went down trying to catch a wave.  Using the jet ski, Burle was able to find Gabriera in the water and bring her to shore.  In an interview with Stab Magazine, Burle described the moments during Gabriera's rescue.  "I lost her man.  I couldn't find her.  It was the worst situation I have ever been in.  We were on the left side, heading for the shorebreak and it was so big, the biggest shorebreak you have ever seen in your life, " he said.  "Then I saw her again but this time she was floating face down.  She was heading for the rocks.  It was terrible....I raced up to her, jumped off the ski and grabbed her.  I couldn't let her go."  When Gabriera was revived, safe and recovering, Burle returned to the lineup to catch one more wave, which turned out to be the biggest one of the day.  This is one brave guy!

Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb