by Angela Ferendo March 28, 2017

Since the beginning of Slyde, it has always been important to us to build a community of people that believe in the same mission as us. 

In doing that, we have made a commitment to being open and honest with all our supporters because after all, we wouldn’t be here without YOU.  

In the suspense leading up to the release of our new Slyde Grom Handboard, I have had friends and family ask me why we are choosing Kickstarter to help us launch our new line and the simple answer is:  We really need YOUR help.  

We believe that the Slyde Grom is the future of our company by making our Slyde Handboards more affordable for everyone and helping us spread smiles all around the world.  In the past year, we have invested in growing our ambassador program, creating more beach events, sponsoring handboard competitions, trademarking our brand globally and intensive R&D on creating the best performance foam handboard on the market.   

We spent the entire company savings on the foam molds and now are looking to YOU to help us fund our first round of production by offering you a discount on pre-ordering the Slyde Grom.  

When you back us on kickstarter, you are helping us pay for the materials, labor costs and production.  You are investing in the Slyde team because you believe in what we are doing and want to see more people out in the water having fun. 

In return, we promise to always strive to be a company that values YOU, YOUR stories, and YOUR joy in the ocean.  

Please take the time to watch our video, share our kickstarter and get your pre-order in now.  

Happy Slyding,
Angela, Steve, Michelle, Auntie Joyce, Baby Venice, and Cowboy (the dog)


Angela Ferendo
Angela Ferendo

Angela Ferendo grew up in Rhode Island, spending her summers on the ocean, both sailing and bodysurfing. Having a passion for sports, fitness and health, she graduated magna cum laude with a bachelors degree, double majoring in Physical Education and Health Education from Plymouth State University. She moved to California 3 different times before making it her permanent home in LA in 2012 - needless to say she has driven across the country 4 times. In her spare time she teaches zumba, runs with Cowboy the Dog, and puts up with Steve's shenanigans. Angela now wears multiple hats at Slyde including: business planning/development, customer service, logistics, sales, and finances.

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