September 01, 2016 2 min read

Actress Mila Kunias is on the media circuit promoting her latest movie "Bad Moms."

She was recently interviewed by funny men Kevin & Bean of KROQ 106.7FM, an alternative rock radio station in Los Angeles.

Opening podcast question: "Are you super pregnant right now? Are we in any danger of saying the wrong thing and making a baby happen are we?"

Questions quickly turned onto husband Ashton Kutcher, who was chauffeuring Mila at the time of the call. 

Kevin & Bean: "One none movie thing, because your husband Ashton was on Shark Tank this season, and invested in what seemed like a lot of your guys actual money, and I was a little bit concerned. We're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars he put into some of these companies. I'm wondering, if you have any kind of update on how that investment has turned out for him?"

Ashton's Shark Tank Investments include Slyde Handboards & The Beebo

Ashton: "Both companies are doing really well. The summer's hit, is Slyde Handboards. They're moving a lot of units, working very hard in getting a lower price point."

Kevin & Bean: "Ashton when you went on that show did your wife say, here's the limit on how much you're allowed to invest? What if someone comes up with a whackadoodle idea that catches your fancy?I was just worried that you were loosing the family money."

Ashton: "Here's the thing, she's the one that wanted me to go on the show in the first place. 'Go they have genius stuff'!"

Listen to complete the show HEREpodcast was on Aug 5th and this particular portion starts at minute 75.22- 80.38 or on downloaded version = 1.15

Michelle Michalak
Michelle Michalak

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