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Bali is undoubtedly the most romanticized Asian destination.

After "Eat Pray Love" put the place in the spotlight, travelers from all over the world have been flocking to explore Bali's captivating beauty.

This island manifests the perfect setting for any traveler. You can choose to relax at the serene oceanfront resort, indulge in sunbathing or relish the flavors of the local cuisine. For those who are curious about history, Bali has fascinating temples and statues. And if you are keen on adventure, the azure waters couldn't be more welcoming.

In a nutshell, Bali is apt for an extended vacation, regardless of whether you want to surf, work, or relax. If you think your office or academic work might clog up your thoughts, delegate the demanding tasks to EssayPro writers. They will take care of the rest. On that positive note, find out where to head to on this beautiful island.

Where to Bodysurf?

Bali is on every bodysurfersradar and rightly so. From beginners to professionals, there is a beach for everybody.

Medewi Beach for Beginners

With two great surf spots, Medewi beach is excellent for any surfer to try their hands at surfing. Nestled between a sleepy Balinese village, adorning a myriad of pebble rocks, Medewi beach is terrific for a dawn surf away from the crowd. The waves are smooth and fat, ideal for both beginners and pros.

Nyang Nyang Beach for Advanced Surfers

This stunning beach is famed for its tranquility and high waves. Located in Uluwatu, the beach is accessible by a dirt track next to the temple that descends to the sandy shore. The waves tend to get bigger, and there is an onshore wave break that makes it more suitable for pro surfers.

Where to Work?

As an expat's paradise, Bali has excellent opportunities for those who wish for a long term commitment. The majority jobs offered are in the hospitality industry. From being a diving or yoga instructor to the English language teacher, there are several ways a foreigner can pursue employment in Bali. 

However, in the last couple of years, Bali has also been a favorite of digital nomads. Co-working spaces are on the rise in Canggu, Ubud, Seminyak and Kutu among others,. They offer the perfect set-up to plug and unplug, whatever you need. If you want a more mellow ambiance, cafes and restaurants are also hooked with wifi.

Where to Relax?

Now, coming to the most exciting part that of what Bali does best. However, it is a bit difficult to narrow recreation down to a few choices. If spirituality interests you, the Balinese esoteric tradition is an excellent element to explore. You can find practitioners in ancient temples in Ubud, who can guide you with meditation. There are also establishments where you can learn more about Hindu traditions and experience spiritual healing.

On the other hand, for those who favor partying, there is no shortage of glamorous clubs in Seminyak, Kuta or Legian. The nightlife thrives in the peak seasons, in beach houses, clubs, and bars. If you want to note down some names, then Sky Garden and Pyramid Bali in Legian are worth noting. 

The nightlife is not limited to clubs and bars alone. Cabaret shows, night safaris, and markets are significant attractions for travelers.  Bali is a place bursting with exceptional choices for every interest. With its exotic beaches, terraced fields, and enchanting spiritual energy, it is a destination that deserves to be on your bucket list.

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