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Boasting nearly 5000 km of coastline in total and an expansive geography, Argentina is the 2nd largest country in South America.

Its neighbors are, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile. The climate varies from humid sub-tropical in the North to moderately cool in the Central semi-arid Pampa and sub-arctic in the South adding to its diversity.

Annual rain fall throughout the year stands at 1000 mm (39 inches) in Buenos Aires, to less than 500 mm (20 inches) in the foothills of the Andes.

Average temperatures in Buenos Aires is 24 °C (75.4 °F) in January and 9.6 °C (49.3 °F) in June. The wind is mostly eastern/south eastern and the mean speed is 9 knots.

Mar Del Plata

It doesn’t matter about your surfing experience, Mar del Plata is the place to be in Argentina for watermen & women. Its location is on a breath-taking coastline that expands for over 45 kilometres (28 miles), this beachside town bustles with tourists and locals in the summer months, and during the Southern Hemisphere fall and winter, when the biggest swells hit the coast – it’s the perfect time for bodysurfers to visit. 

“Mar Del Plata is a hit with advanced surfers looking for big waves, it also has some smaller ones closer to the shore that are perfect for newer starters who are still learning. There are also plenty of surf camps and surfing facilities should you need assistance,“ explains Will Atkin, a travel writer at Studydemic and Reviweal. Typically, like any good beach or coastal area, it is usually packed with beachgoers every weekend. If you prefer less activity and more space and freedom, a visit during the week is recommended.


Argentina’s southern city of Miramar has been applauded for its small, yet unique surfing scene. Located 40 kilometers (25 miles) south of Mar del Plata, Miramar’s waves are legendary for their unpredictability and erratic nature. Undeterred, they are preferred by beginners.

”Locals provide advice that beginners to surf closer to the city’s centre, as this is the safer option for them. There is less competition in the water in these areas, therefore reducing the chances of an accident. Miramar can boast both right and left-hand beach breaks, some of which offer rides of up to 150 meters (5,000 feet),” says Violet Snow, a blogger at Simplegrad and Uktopwriters.


Waikiki is a right-hand point break located about 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) south of the Mar del Plata, right past the renowned beach, Punta Magotes.

Waikiki is more suited for longboarding – unlike the other beaches mentioned here, thanks to its untidy, not-so-strong right-hander. Its sandy bottom also makes it good for beginners. Waikiki is a typically quiet spot crowds are rarely an issue here, which is another positive.

Playa Grande

From a typically quiet beach to hugely popular/busy beach. Despite the two jetties located at its opposite northern and southern ends, Playa Grande still has some of the strongest waves known in the Mar del Plata region. It’s also widely regarded as the beach with the best breaks along this coast.

The northernmost break on the beach is known as Biologia, and becomes the go-to spot for beginners in the Southern Hemisphere summer, thanks to its ample and consistent waves that are perfect for your initial handboard learning

The southern break, also known as the Yacht, generates some really big waves, especially during fall, and is advised beginner surfers should stay away.  As mentioned previously Playa Grande’s downside is that it attracts monstrous attendances, which means that you are more likely to find traffic in the water!

That concludes our guide to the best spots to surf in Argentina but with a huge coastline there are many more delights in store for the avid surfer – go check out Quequen, Playa Union and Chapadmalal.

Guest Blogger Bio:

Professional sports writer, Beatrix Potter can be found contributing her insights and expertise atBigAssignments andWrite My Paper. Beatrix writes about surfing and waterspouts. Also, she blogs atAssignment help Australia academic service.

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