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The Slyde Handboards ambassador program was designed to be an all-inclusive whomp club/community for water loving people around globe.

We ask all Slyde brand ambassador applicants the question "Why do you want to be a Slyde Ambassador" some people give us a single emoji response...

Robert Palka  Saitama, Japan went above in beyond in his response and we couldn't help but share...

"I believe in the handboard, and in the people behind the company. I'm a beginner bodyboarder. Found out about handboards, and discovered Slyde via some online searches. Bought the Carbon Black wedge full set. Was very surprised by the service when I received an email informing about customs fees, and if I still want to go through with the order. That does not happen often.

Also the hand written note is a great extra touch to make the customer feel extra appreciated. The actual board, I thought was sexy as hell, and quite solidly built. Some companies have great service but average products, others have great products but sub-par service. Slyde has both, a not-so-common combination.

Finally had a chance to try it out on some waves in Chiba (The waves around here are not very high), and although everybody talks about how much fun it is, I still had more fun than expected (I "almost" felt sorry for the surfers just sitting on their boards, waiting for a good enough wave for them, while I already caught a bunch hehe) 

After all this, decided to do some digging about the company, and discovered the back story to it. Now I like the company even more (I'm a big believer in following ones dreams and passions and going all in. Have an own story about that, so the Slyde story resonated strongly, and it's a story I can get behind for sure.). It's a company that has integrity, and a product that is quality. Something that deserves to be and should be spread for sure.


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