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France is a diverse place that you can find almost anything you want. Apart from being a fashion icon, it is also a place that harbors some of the best surfing spots in the world.

The country boasts of a coastline that spans 2,130miles.  On that stretch, there are at least 310miles of coast to surf. So, pick out which spots that suit your surfing skills the best and ride on the waves.

The best part about France bodysurfing spots is that they can accommodate both beginners and topnotch surfers. It means that you don't have to be great at surfing for you to get a taste of the waves.

The list of top seven surfing spots in France consists of areas such as:


Lacanau is one of the most famous surf spots in France. It is a place that you can't afford to miss if you are a bodysurfer thanks to its hollow and powerful beach breaks. These breaks work so well on every tide, making it one of those places in France that surfers admire most. It is also a famous surf spot in Gironde. On occasion, surfers use the location to hold surfing competitions, such as the pro stage of the WSL qualifying series. These competitions usually take place on fun, A-frame, and hollow beach breaks. If you want to enjoy the Lacanau surfing spot, try the beginning of summer or during the end. These times the beach tends to have fewer people, and the swells are incredible.

Brittany and Normandy

The stretch between Brittany and Normandy is also an incredible place to enjoy the waves as a handboarder. It is by far one of the best surfing spots in France thanks to the big western groundswells as well as wind swells. The place is not only a famous surfing spot but also a scenic location. It is because its backdrop has a fascinating white chalk cliff making the place stunning. For you to get new swells, you can try the Finistere or the North-western tip. This place has engaging breaks. The waters in the area are very cold, so you don't have to worry about crowds. It is the perfect place to surf peacefully. Here you can surf all year round without worries. But keep in mind that the winters are usually harsh.

Belharra Reef

Belharra Reef is a bodysurfing spot that exists off the coast of the popular Saint-Jean-de-Luz surf spot. This surfing area can sometimes prove to be disappointing since it does not break more often. The good news is that if it breaks, then consider yourself lucky, that is, if you are a professional surfer. It is because you get to enjoy big waves that rise to 50ft high. Surprisingly that is not the maximum height. Sometimes the waves hit 65ft, making it the best place to surf. Unlike other places, the Belharra reef attracts so many people whenever it breaks. It also has some of the best tow-in big waves that only professional surfers can enjoy.


Hendaye surf spot is a fantastic and popular bodysurfing area in the southernmost part of France. Beach breaks at this point are suitable for beginners, who require secure and small waves. What's more interesting about Hendaye is that the waves in the area are always consistent throughout the year. Unlike other regions, it offers a chance for newbies to practice all year round. Surfers with experience tend to find the place better at the end of the year.


It is an occasional surfing spot in France since the waves are never constant, just like those of Belharra reef. The area sits in between Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Biarritz. It is an excellent surfing spot for great surfers during winters. This time the waves are high. During summers, the waves reduce significantly, leaving room for newbies to practice their bodysurfing skills. Some distinct surfing spots within this surfing zone include Les Alcyons, Avalanche, which is famous for its high 20ft monstrous waves and Parlementia. A surfing spot like Parlementia requires someone who has been surfing for a long time. This is because first, you have to paddle ruthlessly before you enjoy a brutal wave.


If you are looking for one of the prettiest surfing areas in France, then Saint-Jean-de-Luz is the best place to go. It is not only one of the best beaches in France but also an incredible surfing site with some of the best breaks. The place has fascinating landscapes that you can enjoy after surfing. Saint-Jean-de-Luz is an incredible spot that can see you enjoy medium size waves as well as big swells that are great for professional surfers. Unlike other surfing spots, Saint-Jean-de-Luz lacks many challenging waves. It is one of those places where you surf for fun or train to become the best.


Biarritz is a fascinating surfing spot that often attracts crowds during summer. This time the waves are high, thus allowing all types of surfers to enjoy the waves. It is, however, not until winter that big waves appear, making the place only safe for professionals. The place is also famous for its dramatic background and several peculiar features. The area is near one of those Cliffside castles. Some of the surfing spots within Biarritz include La Côte des Basques, Marbella, La Milady, and Le Miramar. It is quite a special place as well as one of the most famous European surfing spots. So, once you tour fascinating sites together, all you need is acarte du monde à gratter to scratch off all the places that you have visited.

Those areas are by far some of the best bodysurfing spots in France. They have amazing waves with great beaches. Some areas, however, are seasonal, while others tend to take time before breaks occur. Despite all that, the spots offer both professional surfers and newbies, one of the best places to enjoy the sport and have fun riding the waves.

Author Bio - Rebecca has been closely studying the travel industry trends from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current travel trends and also likes to write about food and beverages, particularly wine.


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