March 03, 2017 1 min read

On Friday February 17th Newport Beach's Dirty Old Wedge, lost a long standing green icon, the largest of the last 2 remaining Wedge Trees. 

Torrential rainfall & 60mph gusts of winds, uprooted the tree and left social media reminiscing of found memories, and what could have been's.

"Sad.  I shred The Wedge since I was a kid, I used to hang under that tree.  Hope they will plant another large one, or a few for more shade" Steve Nance

"We took our wedding pictures there Sept 12th 2015. RIP Wedge Tree" Danny Tran

"Mother nature is very unpredictable.  I think I parked my bike there 100times.  I hope they plant a new Juniper." Picket Fence Pilates

"Couldn't they have protected it somehow. Trimmed it so it was not top heavy.  Somehow secured the soil/bedding around.  Who am I to say something, but if two of the four had already fallen, I would think that something could have been done to protect their soil and roots areas."  Barbara Hanson Lundin

What the future holds for the landscape of this bodysurfing destination, remains unknown.  As planting a tree would take 40-50 Years to reach it's epic stature. 

CA Storm Aftermath: The Wedge Tree Has Fallen


Michelle Michalak
Michelle Michalak

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