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The Bodysurfing & Handboarding contest circuit has been pumping summer 2018.  Chubascos Bodysurfing contest on the southside of Huntington Beach Pier was off the charts due to solid swell, and steady increase in contestants.

The weekend of August 11th & 12th brought together 195 Bodysurfers, 51 handboarders for the 11th annual competition.  

Top 14 Highlights from the contest include:
  1. Decent swell both Saturday & Sunday, although a massive side current made for treacherous conditions. 
  2. The competition hosted a handboarding division as well as bodysurfing.
  3. A tandem bodysurfing heat was added to the list of entertainment.
  4. The event set up was top notch, with a newly added time clock for heats.
  5. Masterfully handcrafted crafted trophies by Bamboo_Ben "The tall Grandmasters have a tribute to Viper Fins. The Tandem Dolphins have a tribute to DMC Fins. The Hand plane a tribute to DaFin. And, the Ben Carlson tribute, a tribute to Duck Feet. The plaque awards are pretty rad too!!"
  6. A Coastguard Helicopter did a fly by, to a stoked out crowd of beach goers.
  7. The lifeguard on duty for Saturday, looking over the contest was Slyde's own team rider Chapin Page
  8. Kanealii Wilcox sweet new 5 month old baby girl was there to support.
  9. Slyde Team Rider Makena Magro won 1st place in Women's bodysurfing and was crowned Grand Champion.
  10. Slyde Team Rider Kealii Punley scored 1st place in the tandem heat along with his partner Kanealii Wilcox. He also scored 1st place in bodysurfing Men's 20-39 division, and 2nd place in handboarding division.
  11. Slyde Team Rider Joe Nickerson won 3rd in Teens 16-19.
  12. Slyde Ambassador Brandon Cordova competed in his 1st ever bodysurfing contest, and did an excellent job.
  13. Junior Lifeguard Caden Cunningham won 3rd place in the handboarding division and is our newest Slyde Handboard ambassador. 
  14.  Outstanding community of support on the beach, and in the sea. 

Stay Salty & Stoked HERE→ 

Slyde Handboards 2018 Bodysurf Contest

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