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A 2019 HIGHLIGHT OF SUMMER, Was THE 12th ANNUAL Chubascos Bodysurfing & Handboarding Championships in Surf City USA.

Always an epic 2 days of bodysurfing and handboarding in one of the most iconic Surfing destinations in California.

  1. The Southside of Huntington Beach Pier were off limits from everyone EXCEPT competing bodysurfers or handboarders  for 2 full days!
  2. Bodysurfing MC Micheal Biggerstaff kept us well informed and completely entertained!
  3. The spirit of the FANS! The enthusiasm of the family, friends, and fellow bodysurfers that gathered together for the contestants was inspiring. The community was thriving.
  4. Slyde hosted our 1st beach clean up, thanks to intern Matt Abdo. We'll be doing a clean up both days at World Bodysurfing in Oceanside too.
  5. Handboarding up-leveled with contestants like Conrad Morgan shooting thru the iconic Huntington Beach Pier.
  6. Chubascos enhanced the fun adding a tandem bodysurfing heat to the contest.
  7. The trophies for 1st place winner were incredible pieces of true art.
  8. Slyde Ambassador Caden Cunningham won the Ben Carlson Memorial trophy for level of athleticism and camaraderie.
  9. 5/6 Handboard Grand Champions in were riding Slyde Handboards, board of choice this year were the gromboard or the Wedge
  10. Legend Sean Enoka of Kaha Nalu Hawaii won as Handboard Grand Champion.
  11. Slyde secured 3 new potential grom team riders for our squad, out of the amazing contest talent pool.
PUT Chubascos Bodysurfing Contest YOUR CALENDAR & JOIN US IN AUGUST 2020!
Enjoy the recap video below of some the best rides by the Slyde Team 2019! 

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