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We recently asked our Facebook Community "What's the most important thing you ever lost when bodysurfing???" and got an array of responses.

A surprising 57 bodysurfers from across the globe, responded that they have lost something in their quest to shred the gnar.  With stats like that we're considering investing in a metal detector and some scuba gear.  

Below are 18 items we hope get returned back, while we hope some others are gone forever.
  1. Tom Ekman my desire to board surf
  2. Dan Galindo Lost my trunks! Poseidon took them - even with my fins on!
  3. Grant Jaques Gopros 😢😢 x2
  4. Peyton Chitty My virginity. Chicks dig bodysurfers.
  5. Aric Roman ego. The Wedge
  6. Kahuna Al My wedding band. But I found it on low tide with a metal detector. Talk about luck!
  7. Bob Murphy Rolex watch
  8. Patrick Barnes My sanity
  9. Kelly Perriello Anxiety
  10. Nalo Fmjr A bad day at work 
  11. Robert Yeko All that troubles me!
  12. Sam Christopher My job
  13. Eric Bernard My depression
  14. John Weber My fear of dying.
  15. Cliff Flax After using a handplane for the first time I was so stoked I lost a night’s sleep!
  16. Gerry Loveday Skin, lots of skin on various reef breaks  Last one 
  17. Xander Labayen  a battle with a jelly fish
  18. Cainho Sicoli Seoane Cameras, fins, goggles, handboards... But most important was over ten pounds of flab
  19. Bob Marks : My Skin when I scraped the shore riding a big one
  20. Bill Fordes : My dignity! But I was laughing so hard I did not mind in the least….

Talk stories -  Willam Fordes Santa Monica Long Time Local

In 1969 I bought a pair of original, green Owen Churchill swim fins.  I was just turning 16. Was born and raised in NYC, and surfed and body surfed in The Rockaways.  Paid almost $19.00, I think, which was an enormous amount of money back then (keep in mind that a comic book was ten cent or fifteen cents!).

So, I mail off my check, get the fins, use them for many many weeks in the summer.  Comes the Fall Hurricane Swells, and I am body surfing some HUGE stuff  8+
One day I get TROUNCED in a wipe out, and OFF POPS one of the fins!  I am devastated.  I am financially ruined!  No way can I afford another 19 bucks — maybe I will rob a bank, or — even worse — WORK!
Two days later, I am walking on the beach.  THERE IT IS: the GREEN fin that had been separated by mother nature from my foot! I got some rope and had fin leashes the next day.

The most common responses... fins, GoPros, and wedding rings!   Keep your prize possessions safe my friends! 

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