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The Gazette Review is a media company based out of Minneapolis, MN, and has it's hand on the pulse of California surf culture.

As a leading news source around the world, The Gazette Review's interested was piqued on Slyde Handboards pre & post Shark Tank, and what the future holds for the company.

The article is entitled
"Slyde Handboards Update- What Happened After Shark Tank"
and initially reads like a transcript directly from the show, providing a variety of details only seen on TV.  Read the full article HERE

Slyde Handboards Before Shark Tank

"Many people, according to Steve, look up to surfers but don’t have the time, resources, or energy to put the time in to be one. Their invention, the Slyde Handboards, allows people to try their hand at surfing without the huge commitment."

Slyde Handboards on Shark Tank

"They even made a custom board for each of the sharks. Of course, Mark Cuban got the Dallas Mavericks board. Ashton Kutcher, who was the guest Shark for the episode, high-fived Kevin O’Leary with his board."

"Ashton said that he saw Slyde Handboards as a very minimalist approach to catching waves. He mentioned that he was also a surfer, and sometimes he didn’t feel like lugging a giant surfboard out to the beach. He said that the Slyde Handboards solve the problem of surfers just wanting to get out there and catch a couple of waves without looking around the giant, heavy surfboard."

Slyde Handboards Now in 2017- The After Shark Tank Update

"According to Forbes Magazine, they are currently expecting to do 1 million dollars in sales this year. They now sell on Amazon, and they also have 40 US retailers as well as a UK distributor and a Spain distributor."

Stay tuned 2017 is sure to be a year of bodysurfing and handboarding reaching unprecedented heights. 

Gazette Review: Slyde Handboards Business Timeline Before & After Shark Tank

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