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Slyde Life is all about making everyday living a totally stoked adventure. 

Our intention is to bring you the coolest gear to take your days at the beach & beyond to the next level.

Say hello to Leus Surf Ponchos, inspired by the elements of life that excite us most, all linked by a common love of good times. However you live your Slyde Life, in a wetsuit, boardshorts, cycling, snowboarding, tuxedo you name it,  the Leus Surf Poncho is the ultimate portable changing room.

Warm, dry and comfy with perfect length for any size. Available in both children and adult sizes.   The Leus towel is bright, colorful so you can change safely in the parking by being more visible to drivers.  

  • 100% COTTON CONSTRUCTION - The best material for keeping you warm and dry. With epic sweat or salt water absorption capabilities. The Leus poncho has the uncanny ability to absorb more water that you are capable of producing - We tried.
  • BRIGHT COLORS –  Keep safe when changing. Most of us are changing in the parking lot or concentrating on getting that tight wet wetsuit off. The last thing you want is so get side swiped by a driver distracted by the waves. The Leus chevron design is designed to have you stand out in the crowd and also to drivers.
  • BUTTERY SMOOTH  – Forget that towel that feels like sandpaper on your gloriously soft skin. We know how hard you work to keep that glowing complexion. The Leus poncho feels like you are rolling around in clouds. Give it a rub. 
  • ROOMY HOOD AND HIGH FIVES - The Leus towel has that extra roomy hood for that ultimate cozy-factor. The sides are enclosed, loose fitted with arm holes and short sleeves for effortless changing when you need it most. Also comes with a bottom side slit openings for ease of movement while changing FREE of charge.
  • HIDDEN SECRET KANGAROO POCKET – A secret stash hole for all you unmentionables and well secret stuff, approved by the LAPD :)
  • EASY HANG - Have you ever smelled a wet week old poncho? Don't it's not recommended. The Leus Poncho comes inner loop for easy hang and dry. 
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Surf Poncho Beach Gift Idea

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