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February 06, 2020 3 min read

When you think of the two sports yoga and body surfing, are they necessarily sports you would link together as being one?

It's probably not often you see the two cross paths, especially since one is considered so peaceful and relaxing, while many regard the other as being much more action-packed and adventurous.

However, the two activities have a lot more in common than you think, and whether you're a fan of either, you could bring so many benefits into your life by bringing the two together. In today's post, we're going explore precisely why this is.

Common Ideals and Values

Okay, while I said in the introduction that bodysurfing and yoga could be seen as two sports with very different speeds and paces, this isn't so much the case. In both sports, you'll find that one of the main goals is to find peace, stillness, focus, and flow in what you're doing.

It's all about becoming one with the present moment and find the joy and serenity in the now, rather than letting your mind wander off into complex and distant places like it does most of the time in everyday life.

"The principles of both yoga and bodysurfing are similar in a lot of ways. There's a huge emphasis in both activities to take care of your body and to make sure you're as healthy as possible and, in short, loving yourself enough to take care of yourself and make the best decisions" shares Aliya Francis, a sports writer at Writinity and Researchpapersuk.

Yoga into Bodysurfing

There's no denying that yoga is very beneficial, no matter how much you do and when you practice, but combining yoga with bodysurfing can be extremely beneficial, and can help you get the most out of your experiences.

By stretching out your body, warming up your muscles, and getting your mind focused with a yoga session before your bodysurfing session, you can dramatically optimize the benefits that come from your bodysurfing, and there's no doubt you'll be improving your chances of being the best you can be.

There are plenty of ideal stretches to think about here, some of which include:

  • Eagle pose
  • Boat pose
  • Locust pose
  • Squat pose

And that's just to name a few. You can also stretch out and warm down your body after your handboarding session in the same way, ensuring your muscles don't tighten up, and your body is nice and relaxed for whatever you have planned for the rest of your day.

"Perhaps you just want to do a few stretches, followed by some meditation, or maybe you want to go through with a whole routine, it's completely up to you and what you feel comfortable doing, which is another reason why yoga is so great" shares Zac Bingham, a surfing journalist at Draftbeyond and Lastminutewriting.

Surfing into Yoga

While the benefits of practicing yoga before and after your surfing session are clear, it may be less obvious what surfing activities can bring into the lives of a yogi. If you practice yoga regularly, then the chances are you do so indoors, but a large part of yoga is all about getting in touch with the present moment and developing a much less cluttered mindset. It's all about becoming more present and more mindful.

This happens so much easier and so much more beneficially when you do it outside, especially if you're meditating and finding that state of flow, which is why surfing can be such a great activity for a yogi to practice.

By finding peacefulness, stillness and presence while riding the waves and being out in nature, you can take your mindfulness practice even further, which can all have such a positive effect on both your mind and your body.

Bringing Both Together

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits that surfers and yogis can enjoy by bringing both activities together. By involving yourself in both, you can add strength, stamina, balance, and flexibility into your life, which is only ever going to help you become the best, healthiest, and most well-off version of yourself possible; physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Guest Blogger Bio: Ashley Halsey is a professional lifestyle writer at  Luckyassignments.com and  Gumessays.com who has been involved in helping people find wellness in a sick world. Mother of two children, she enjoys traveling, reading and attending business training courses.

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Guest Blogger

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