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We all know that a lifestyle in and around the ocean makes for a beautiful and peaceful life. It leaves a positive impact on our lives and makes us feel soothed and relaxed. The ocean brings with it positive energy and natural elements that create symbiotic relationship with your physical health and mental health.

According to health professionals, surfing and bodysurfing is one of the best outdoor activities, especially when it comes to mental illness recovery. During COVID-19, we have seen many students who have suffered from mental health issues like stress and depression and this has caused health issues, not only mental health but physical health too. To help alleviate mental and physical problems, health professions have recommended surfing or bodysurfing as a part of their recovery plan.

How Is Surfing Good For Student's Mental Health Man Bodysurfing and handboarding Slyde In Florida

Mental health creates a direct impact on your psychological, emotional and social well being. Just ask any bodysurfer and they will tell you that catching waves is like medication for the soul that helps to reduce stress and boosts energy.

Surfing and Bodysurfing – A Healthy Therapy For The Brain

Surfing and bodysurfing is the perfect solution for students who are suffering from mental health issues. Here are (3) three great reasons that surfing and bodysurfing has a beneficial effect on brain health.

Surfing and Bodysurfing Is An Interaction With Nature

Researchers say exercise, and especially exercise in the ocean can positively impact a healthy lifestyle. Mental health always influences your well being. The brain is an exceptionally complicated organ; it requires sleep, peace, stability and exercise to remain in top working order. Just like our physical bodies we need to learn to treat our mental health as important as most people take their physical wellbeing.

How Is Surfing Good For Student's Mental Health Man Bodysurfing and handboarding Slyde In Florida

The great outdoors should be high on anyone's list to help with keeping their mental health in top shape. It could be as simple as watching the sunset and using those moments to reset after a hard day at work or taking to the waves for an evening or early morning session to wash away the cobwebs. 

BodySurfing and Surfing Is A High-Intensity Physical Activity

Physical activities are exceptionally important to keeping your mental health in check and, bodysurfing especially is low impact high cardio workout. This mean that there is a low impact on joints and high level of cardio excursion, Unlike say, running that can cause damage to joints bodysurfing and continuous swimming is a lot more easy on the joints and great for cardio which helps in brain health  

Maria S Finch is a researcher from the best dissertation writing services; she says,

"Physical activity has a positive impact on multiple areas of the brain. It provides peace and makes students and adults feel relax all the day."

Physical activity can increase the size of the hippocampus, in a global study it has been found that the "hippocampus, an area of the brain responsible for memory and emotion, shrinks in people with recurrent and poorly treated depression".

How Is Surfing Good For Student's Mental Health Man Bodysurfing and handboarding Slyde In Florida

Surfing Needs A Balance Of Risk and Reward

Surfing and bodysurfing is not only useful for physical fitness but mental fitness too. In a challenging environment, surfing and bodysurfing is improving the mental and physical skills. It requires a commitment to manage the risk of wiping out and rewarding the fun of riding the waves. 

Dopamine, an essential ingredient to a healthy brain is released in the brain especially in high risk or perceived high risk situations. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain which helps you feel happy. It can start functioning improperly if we get upset and there is loss of hope. Bodysurfing can help trigger the release of Dopamine.

Basically, it makes you feel good when you can catch a wave, and this feeling helps to manage a students' mental health. Surfing and bodysurfing help with increasing their capacity for positive feeling like enjoyment and fun.

The Physical Benefits Of Surfing

Physical exercise is great for muscle movement, and wave riding is a superb workout that engages all the muscles group. It helps in burning 250 calories  an hour. As per the research, two or more hours of physical activity a week lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many other health issues.

Research also says that seawater also boosts the immune system, soothes allergies and nourishes the skin. Whether you are a beginner or a regular at the workout, you will notice an increase in muscle mass and tone, greater flexibility and better breathing.

How Is Surfing Good For Student's Mental Health Man Bodysurfing and handboarding Slyde In Australia

The Mental Benefits Of Surfing

Bodysurfing is a mindful activity that the body and mind need. Going  surfing keeps you a chilled out throughout the day. Running, cycling etc are great too but once you try bodysurfing, it will be an awesome experience you will never forget.

Need Of Surfing For Mental Health

Surfing and bodysurfing really should be part of everyone routine who has access to the beach. 

Benefits Include:

  • Surfing helps to reduce anxiety attacks and insomnia in students
  • Its connects you with the ocean and nature
  • Surfing and bodysurfing is a mood-boosting.


Physical fitness, gives peace to your mind, and helps with emotional stabilization. Stay connected to see ideas of improving the mental health of every individual, whether kids, students or adults should be doing for physical and mental health.

Author Bio

Gloria Kopp is a passionate blogger from Wyoming, MI and understands the value of good content. She is working as a Content Executive at Essay Assignments and Ace Assignment. Gloria writes blogs and articles to share her passion for writing. She helps students learn more about a healthy lifestyle with mental peace, like staying stress-free and happy.

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