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How To Choose The Best Slyde Handboard Based on Wave Type

3 min read

How To Choose The Best Slyde Handboard Based on Wave Type

We're going to help you choose what Slyde Handboard to use based on the kind of wave.

If you gauge yourself on what type of wave you like to ride, this blog is for you.
This blog is addressed more to people that have been out in the ocean and have a bit more experience.  Those looking for a board that would suit the kind of wave they like to bodysurf best.

Keep in mind all of our handboards are light, strong as a surfboard, plus are buoyant and maneuverable. 

We'll start with our most advanced handboard and dial down to our most basic starter board.

The Hawaiian Bula Handboard: The Specialist Board
Advanced Bodysurfer
Best in Steep Waves/ Shorebreak

Slyde Handboards Advanced

The Bula was designed specifically for Point Panics, which is a reef break, that steeply breaks.

This board is designed for an intense type of wave, fast, steep, and breaks close to shore. If you're looking to take your bodysurfing to a next level, and you’re looking for that really cool whomp wave, this handboard is for you.

"One of the best sessions I’ve had was on this board at Salt Creek in California, nobody was able to get in or stick on the wave. Due to the deep concave of the handboard it acts like an FCS fin on your surfboard, it digs into the side of the wave and keeps your whole body safely lifted and in the pocket."Slyde Steve

Bula Shaper and Hawaiian Bodysurfing legend, Sean Enoka, skillfully shaped the deep concave over a mayonnaise jar. He’s intention in doing so, was not to only make a board that was light and exceptionally quick, but good to duck dive with especially when you’re in critical conditions. 

The Bula provides control & maneuverability, allowing for the wave to do all the work for you.  Available in carbon fiber, this board is super stealth.  

The Phish Handboard: The Classic Speed Board
Intermediate to Advanced Bodysurfer
Best for Big Waves & Rolling Swell

Slyde Handboards Intermediate Board

The Phish shape was inspired by the 1970's fish surfboard design. What we had in mind when we were designing the Phish was for waves that were not as steep & critical as the ones the Bula excels.

The Phish does not have a deep concave like the Bula. This is handboard is FAST and does really well on bigger waves, those big & barreling waves that have great shape & form but are not quite as critical as shore break. 

"I took this out to test during the Hurricane Marie swell and I pulled in on a monster,
8 Foot swell, and I could literally feel my fins slowing me down. I’ve been barreled on this so many times because it just has that speed." Slyde Founder Steve Watts

Also available in carbon fiber- for perfect strength to weight ratio.

The Wedge Handboard: The Everyday Board
Beginner to Intermediate Bodysurfer
The 90% Solution: Best For Slow Breaking Waves & Flat Days

Slyde Handboards Beginner Board

When we say 90% solution I’m talking about average waves that are in between the swells. The Wedge shape is like a longboard of surfing, you can pretty much get in on everything.

On any given day, we would recommend taking this handboard to the beach. Simply because generally wave conditions aren’t that great all the time, and tend to be blown out, unless you’re in Indo or Hawaii. This handboard will allow you to literally ride anything that’s coming thru on any given day,  because of the extra width.

The Grom - The Soft Top Handboard
Starter to Beginner Bodysurfer
Will Ride All Types of Waves

Starter Slyde Handboards Board

The Grom, is a great starter board that was designed very much with the beginner in mind. It’s so great because it’s soft, with a slick bottom, a bit of concave. A less intimidating board, than our high performance boards.

Foam boards are used widely at surf schools, for good reason, they're safer and easier to learn on.  Similar to the Wedge handboard  this is a great starter board, but the soft top makes it bump friendly, and is made for mistakes.

Although the Grom has been used in even the heaviest conditions. 

“The GROM board is a very nice compliment to what Slyde has in its stable.
The perfect blend of soft foam and functional shape an excellent fun-board. Something that I'm not worried will take out a tooth, but can give a big boost of lift & speed. Looking to get some massive womp sessions. I got really good waves, super long rides on good sized 4-5ft sets." Sean Enoka Elite Hawaiian Bodysurfer


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