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How to Clean & Remove Slyde Handboards Board Strap

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How to Clean & Remove Slyde Handboards Board Strap

Removing or changing out the hand strap on your Slyde Handboard.

This is the Bula. This is a little nugget board good for shore break waves, but especially when you're going in shore break then you got sand all built up
inside of these different straps and layers of Velcro.

You're going to wanna wash them out, clean them out. Eventually, if you don't clean in here you're gonna get a lot of rust and corrosion. We're gonna show you how to do the whole thing, change it out, and then you'll be able to take care of your board

Tools Needed:

To get started all we're gonna need is our board and screwdriver. I have a Phillips-head screwdriver right here, and you''ll see on the side of our hand strap on both sides, we've got two screws. All we're gonna do is pretty much unscrew these.

It's gonna loosen the strap off the board. Start with the first screw right here. You'll probably wanna be careful and do this outside, because I've done this before and a huge mound of sand will dump out here into your lap.

But we should be good because we cleaned it out recently. Comes off, it's got a washer. Gonna remove that side of the strap and under here is where all of our sand is gonna start to build up.


We're gonna wanna wipe all that clean. Like I said you wanna get all inside of here, we just cleaned it but it can get compacted inside of this hole where the screw goes through, so you wanna get all that out. Jump to the other side and pull up this little piece of fabric. It shows you the screw. Loosen it up.

Once you got it out, your entire strap will come off of the board. And make sure you don't lose that washer, because that really keeps it secured through the strap. So you can get this flap pulled out a little bit right here and then blow through it. Make sure you don't have sand. And all these pockets can just get filled with sand so clear it all out.

Now the Velcro, when you undo it any sand should come out but if it doesn't get your hose and blast that and clean it all out. You got two different layers, just make sure you open it all the way up.

You can pull this out, blow it out with a garden hose, and it'll be good to go. 

Changing the Strap:

If you have a board that came without a strap or you need to change it, you can do this, or if you need to clean you can do this, or I've actually had situations where I need to take it off because of travel. I made it a little bit smaller, stuck it in my backpack put this in the other pocket in the backpack. I didn't even need to put in my checked bag.

When you take it off, if you have any damage in here, you know, if the screw isn't holding on, contact Slyde. They'll help you figure it out. You don't want to be out there and have your strap break off and then you'll lose your entire setup.  

Once you got your board completely wiped off, you can also blow out down inside of here. And it wouldn't hurt if you got a little bit of corrosion just get a wire and you can just, you know, swirl it around, get all that crap knocked off and you should be good to go.

Get your screws, same thing, make sure they're clean, no corrosion. You're gonna have the Slyde Handboards logo, on the strap and you want that so you can read it with the nose up. We're going to get one of the screws. I like to feed it through the handle first, just a little tough on the board. I'm gonna do the other side
as well.

Mounting Slyde Handboards Strap:

When you're mounting you'll notice that you have two sets of holes, these are basically different positioning for forward or back. If for whatever reason you feel like having it back on the board and let you pull the nose up a little more, go for it. I

f you need to feel like you're going more onto the nose and pushing down the line,
move it to the top. But don't have it crooked like this. If it's cockeyed it's really gonna be uncomfortable and probably hurt your hand.

Let's go ahead and do the top one. I think that's where we had it before.  We're gonna line up the top on both sides. We wanna get our screwdriver. Tighten this down. So when we're tightening, we're gonna feel for it to get snug against the board and it's super important not to over-tighten because it'll rip this threads out. I can
imagine that being a difficult thing to fix on these boards so be careful. Make sure it's tight but not overly tight.

Jump over to the other side again, again, we're on the top so we're gonna make sure were lined up with that top screw hole.

Crank it down. Make sure that you're clear of this foam lip as well. If that gets stuck underneath in there, like that, you might think that it's tight and it's not, and then your whole leash is gonna come off.

So, here's a perfect example. This is cross threaded right now. So I'm gonna have to back this entire thing out. And you can't just be like oh, you know, that's fine, it's in enough, because when you're out in the water you would not believe how hard the ocean will just pull your hand. So, I'm actually gonna have to back this thing all the way out.

Tightening the Screws:

Make sure we're straight on with this. All right. So it's starting to tighten up. Like I said, don't over tighten. Here's a perfect example. If it gives you trouble, back it out, clean it off, try it again.

You don't wanna force it, thats's what's gonna mess it up.

So that's a wrap on our hand strap removal video, hope you guys found it informative. Be sure to comment, message us if you have any questions and subscribe.

We hope you guys found this super informative. 



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