by steven watts July 24, 2018

Tips and tricks from our ambassadors and team members

We asked some of our team members and ambassadors from across the globe to give us their top tips and tricks to getting the most out of your bodysurfing fins.

Most bodysurfing fins are made from either natural or synthetic rubber, both types of rubber require a certain level of care to keep them performing at their very best. It’s safe to say most of us have seen the rubber start to crack and broken foot straps from being left in the open sun for too long.  Add years of life to your favorite pair of swim fins by following these awesome tips and tricks for bodysurf fin care.

We asked them – How do you take care of your bodysurfing swim fins.

Kori Alpert  - Laguna California

I would recommend, washing with fresh water after use and storing in a cool place. No direct sunlight. I’ve been doing surfing that with my Dafins and they have lasted for a long time!

Chris Schmidt – Cape Town, South Africa                                                

keep out of sunlight and do not poke the front end into the sand to get your foot deeper into the flipper. The latter is most common cause for the flipper cracking. Also do not run marathons in them. :)

Ricardo Añorga - Lima Peru

Rinse the fins with fresh water and do not expose them to the sun and never ever hang up by their foot strap. The rubber will stretch crack and break

Cliff Gonshery – Del Mar, California

Every Couple of Months wash in Cold Fresh water and use Baby Johnson Shampoo as a cleaner.

Thanks to our team of awesome ambassadors for sharing their unique perspective on the ocean and bodysurfing and for also sharing some of their must do tips and tricks to become a better water person, bodysurfer and hand boarder.

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steven watts
steven watts

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