December 19, 2016 2 min read

The Kpaloa fins of Brazil are enjoyed by World bodyboarding champions across the globe.

As swim fin connoisseurs here at Slyde Handboards, we felt it was our bodysurfing duty to put them to the test.  

We enlisted 2016 World Bodysurfing Champion for boys division 15-17 Dylan Biggerstaff gave them a go in Tahiti.

Described by the Kpaloa brand as: "High performance surface swimfins made of vulcanized rubber. The symmetric blades provide great propulsion and explosive power without overexerting knee joints. Very light and extremely comfortable. Soft foot pockets made of stretchy rubber specifically designed for a great fit prevent cutting off blood circulation."

Dylan's Rider Review below:Kpaloa Swim Fins

During my recent trip to Tahiti, (thanks a million to Steve and Angela at Slyde Handboards) I was fortunate enough to test out the lime green Kpaloa swim fins. The first thing I noticed was how extremely comfortable they are, and how soft the foot pocket is. After catching a few waves they really started to surprise me in how “slick” they felt when I was riding.

That meaning, they did not seem to hold me back at all, rather aid in my performance quite noticeably. Being almost perfectly symmetrical on both sides of the fin, they provided me great control and maneuverability. I was also impressed by how powerful the kick was; they really get you on the wave early and keep you in front of sections and helped me stay barreled longer and even make it out.

Being bright green they are also easily spotted in the surf if they do come off. I do not really see any downside to these fins; they are amazing. I am looking forward to using them again in the future.

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Slyde Bodysurf Gear Review: Brazilian made high performance surface swimfins made of vulcanized rubber.


Michelle Michalak
Michelle Michalak

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