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It's always interesting to find out how, why, and who was the inspiration behind trying out a Slyde Handboard for the 1st time.

We put the question out on our Facebook page and were stoked to see 73 epic comments come in from across the globe.  

Keep spreading the stoke, we appreciate each and every one of you!
Top 10 Comments to "Super curious how did you 1st find out about Slyde Handboards?"
  1. Brian Byers: Huntington Beach display near the pier this summer
  2. John Mandybur: Saw it on Shark Tank.  I love mine soooo much.
  3. Ben Schofield: Skimming thru Youtube to find my next fix. Then boom, saw Willy Cole slicing through a wave having the time of his life.
  4. Natasha Ramos: Suffered trauma that would not allow me to use a traditional surfboard, in an attempt to be more active in the water, I came across the another brand of handboards, bought it, tried it, loved it, went on Google to find more.
  5. That's So Keaton: Met Slyde Handboards at Surf Expo in Jan 2016, spent all of my time at the booth.  I knew I had to have one.  I took home the Bula and have been Slyding ever sense.  Now I have the Wedge and Grom too.  Most fun ever!
  6. Simon Jones: Wanted something to work with taking my daughter out on her board, so started looking for options. A friend raved about his so I decided to go for it. Particularly liked the GoPro mounting, making it a useful camera platform too.
  7. Luiz Antonio Pereira: While browsing handboards on Google. Although impressed with the through website, I wasn't keen on the original models as they aren't really suitable to our waves in Brazil.  That changed with the Hexflex model. Then came the Bual, the masterpiece IMHO.  I was aware of Sean Enoka's original development, but you two joining forces is like we say here to put together the hunger with the will to eat.
  8. Chris Robinson:  I made a couple of wood handplanes and was doing a search online for handplane designs and came across the Slyde we have four.
  9. Leigh Woods: My handboard addiction.
  10. Emilee Leddy Carton:  Met a fellow female wave rider out in the surf in NJ saw she had a small board attached to her hand and was really tearing it up on it. Started the convo and that's how I found out.
Thanks for spreading the stoke both near and far!! Haven't yet commented feel free to do so here (click on FB icon) ⬇️

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