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Body Surf road trips are the ultimate way to experience the land & sea. 

People once saw surf road trips as a mere seasonal trek for chasing swells between Malibu and Rincon. All that's changed, with evolutions in the surfing world of such things like off road vehicles and swell forecasting tools.  One thing that hasn't changed for a successful surf trip is nutritious travel food. According to experts, it is still essential to carry satisfying, healthy foods that will keep you fit during the whole venture.

3 essential foods you should take for your next surf road trip:

1. Carbs and starches

Whether you are handboarding or using conventional techniques, you need sufficient energy to keep you going. Surfing might seem like a fun activity, but it is draining and requires enough carbs. When planning your surf meals, it is essential to include complex carbs and starches FOR energy.

Best carb sources include whole-grain bread, oatmeal, brown rice, whole-grain burgers, cookies and chocolate chips, cereals, fruits, and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are particularly crucial as they deliver essential antioxidants and vitamins. You can pack raw vegetable salads or even prepare a fruit and vegetable smoothie to keep in your camping cooler.

2. Proteins and heart-healthy fats

Protein is essential for optimal body functions. Before you leave for your trip, it is crucial to stock enough protein depending on how much surfing you intend to do. Remember that surfing is a workout that puts pressure on muscles. Studies indicate that muscle repair and recovery requires one to consume enough protein. It also builds lean muscle and enhances the metabolism of fats.

Some of the best sources of protein for the trip include boiled egg, beef or chicken burgers, fish and lobster, nuts, bean, and tortillas. If you are planning to cook your meals and have a camping gas set, remember to bring your soy sauce, sweet pepper, and spices. Heart-healthy fats from avocado, vegetable oil, nuts and seeds like hemp, chia and flax are also very important. They will help to improve your metabolism and keep your energy tanks full for longer.

3. Micronutrient supplements

Although your carbs, proteins, and fats also contain micronutrients, it is recommendable to up your intake of specific vitamins and minerals. It's also been said taking CBD oil edibles, for instance, can improve your sleep, rest and recovery, appetite for food and muscle relaxation. Other essential micronutrient supplements you can add for your surf road trip include vitamin B, D and E, choline, protein powders, zinc, BCAA amino acids.


When planning your surf trip meals, you can include treats as well as whole meals to ensure your body gets the energy you need to surf, unless you are cutting back or transitioning to KETO. Make sure all your foods and ingredients are fresh and of high-quality. It is also essential to eat real foods (whole meals).  Reserve your heavy meals and proteins for the evening and don’t forget to pack enough water for hydration. You can also bring some beer to help you wind down the day.


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