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2016 Oahu Sandy's Beach Bodysurfing Competition

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Sean Enoka On The Oahu Sandy's Beach Bodysurfing Competition

We got together with Sean Enoka to discuss the the 2015 Oahu Bodysurfing championships held at Sandy's beach just outside of Honolulu. Sean and the Kaha-nalu Bodysurfing team are close friends with Slyde, Sean is the Shaper of the Epic Slyde Bula

Steve: Hey, so we're here with the owner of Kaha Nalu Hawaii, Sean Enoka. He's going to tell us a little bit about the Oahu Bodysurfing Championships that was just going on. Sean, tell us a little bit about it.

Sean: Aloha and hello to everybody. The Oahu Bodysurfing Championships is something that we started this year. The idea behind is, because they didn't have a contest this year, we started a new event, to make something a little bit more mobile to the surf.

This year, we had a permit for both Sandy Beach and Makapu'u Beach Park, so that we could make a call on the best place. This year, we held it over at Sandy's.
We had good waves, challenging conditions, but overall, I think everybody showed what they could do in progressing the sport of bodysurfing

Steve: Yeah, absolutely. So what do you think of the new guys coming through, especially the youngsters? Because from what I was seeing, it was just unbelievable. Some of the tricks, some of the stuff that guys were pulling, what's your opinion on that? Who are the guys to be watching out for in the future?

Sean: I think there definitely are a lot of new faces, but the kids that are really progressing the sport are majority Kaha Nalu Hawaii riders, Kaneali'i Wilcox, Kaeowana [SP], Keali'i Punley, Taylor Char, YE. Other than that, I've seen a lot of new faces. What was surprising and I'm really stoked on this year is, the 16 and under group, we had 18 kids. We only planned for six.  It shows the growth and interest of what we're doing here.

Ange: So how important are these bodysurfing competitions in growing the sport?

Sean: I would say pretty important, because it's a chance for everybody to get to see what goes on, over here at Sandy's.  We're here every day, we're doing this every day. But during a contest, it's highlighted because the water is cleared off and people are actually watching what we're doing, it shines a greater light.

Steve: It's a new perspective, right?

Sean: Yeah, that's what's really going on, people don't realize what the technical efficiencies of bodysurfing. Because we're one with the wave, and you see kids today, even though the waves was doubling up, jacking, they still try.  It's possible to make that wave after you watch Cunningham or Kai Santos. I guess the coolest part about today was seeing all of the kids. Even though some of them went over the falls, that's part of bodysurfing

Steve: The amount of guys I saw going over and actually sticking what looked like unbelievable maneuvers, in my opinion, I've never seen anything quite like it. We've been to quite a few competitions, and not to knock anybody else, but what we were seeing out here was kind of something special, for both of us anyways.

Sean: I'm glad you guys got to come here during this time. It's more waves, a little bit smaller would have been a little bit more technical. But we rather have more waves than a little bit.

Steve: Yeah, totally.

Sean: For Hawaii bodysurfing, this is what bodysurfing in Hawaii, we bodysurf year-long. Sandy's is the place, 24/7, you can jump in a barrel. It's located at the eastern tip of the island of Oahu. We catch south swell wrap, we catch north swell wrap. We're also the predominant face for east-northeast trade winds, so trade winds give us short energy swells.

The Sandy's crew, they're here 24/7 every single day. Super Bowl Sunday, we're here catching waves. Every Sunday, we got the Pipe little's morning crew. We all go out. It's just like coffee talk. We're all out there just shooting the breeze, catching waves together, you know.

Steve: That's awesome. Thanks for taking the time to chat

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Watch the Full interview Below

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