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Suffice it to say, surfing is a very underrated sport that, for some reason, remains in the shade.

Probably, because it requires plenty of aspects to be performed, such as equipment, a suitable source of water, and most importantly, a will to catch the wave.

Nonetheless, if to surf the net trying to look for any information regarding such sports topics, the description of it is hard to say abundant. As follows, our team has dug into the depths of the web with a view to finding various quotes said either by ubiquitous people or enthusiasts in order to motivate you to learn the ropes of this fantastic and beneficial sports in many terms.  Keep on reading to find out more.

As Bruce Jenkins once said, “Surfing is for life” this sport is revolutionary, groundbreaking, and exhilarating. Such quotes add controversial viewpoints, humorous jokes, and give you food for thought. What is more, the greatest surfing quotes of all time can change an individual forever and inspire one who has never had the experience or pleasure in catching waves.

"Surfing is attitude dancing"

Said by Gerry Lopez, aka Mr. Pipeline, the quote is straight to the point, which means that even though there are people who don’t recognize this sport, surfing requires accurate and rigid movements in order to succeed in the performance. Furthermore, one wrong move can change everything, and you may well fail.

"Out of water, I am nothing"

Each and every engaged surfer will fully understand this quote, said by Duke Kahanamoku. It simply means that water is your everything: your life, your passion, your achievements, your failures, et cetera. You can get overnight success in your business, but the feeling that you might get is transcendent to the feeling that you get while surfing.

"We are all equal before a wave"

Laird Hamilton has a knack for philosophical expressions that are likely to give you food for thought. This statement can be examined from a variety of perspectives, but let’s draw some parallels to the religious motive.

The wave might be an allegory to the almighty who decides everything. And no matter how successful and affluent you are, you will be evaluated the same. The same goes for the wave: whether you are a professional or an amateur, only the wave decides if you can conquer it.

"Surfing soothes me. It’s always been a kind of Zen experience for me. The ocean is so magnificent, peaceful, and awesome. The rest of the world disappears for me when I’m on a wave."

This quote is a real synthesis of the entire life of a bodysurfer. And it is right. Wherever we are, be it a job, university, or whatsoever, we can’t focus on specific things. We tend to reviewour life regarding different aspects, and so forth.

But once you paddle out, nothing else except for the subduing of the wave exists. Meaning you must only pay severe attention to the wave, to fight it, to make it listen to you. By challenging yourself, you experience a pearl of authentic wisdom and delight.

"You can take a surfer out of the surf, but you can not take surf out surfer."

A legendary quote said by Bob McTavish that can be applied to every aspect of our lives. However, the hidden sense in this sentence leads directly to the liaison of the ocean and a surfer, and once the surfer terminates catching the wave and leaves the sea, there is always an endless temptation to get rid of daily routine, grab a surfing suit and other utensils, and head straight to the ocean and to do some aerials, floaters, and pop-ups.

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