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Today we are here with Josh from Manscape.com, which is below the belt grooming for men. For all you guys out there with smelly nuts. Definitely check them out.

We actually just did a collaboration with them, you guys probably saw it
"Eliminate Bush Drag" which highlighted men's health for Movember, which was a fantastic.
Below Steve & Josh speak live on Facebook about the state of Manscaping and predicitions for 2018!

Josh:  It was a lot of fun, and a great success. We really got to spread the word on the issues with prostate cancer and men's health in general.  As manscape.commen's health is rather important to us.  Slyde created a perfect opportunity with bush drag to create a little bit of humor, a creative touch to help in spreading the word.

Steve:  Yes, it was a fantastic day on the beach Makena Margo one of our riders was down there too. Let's get some questions going, so Josh tell us a bit about Manscape and the inspiration behind the brand.

Josh: Well manscape.com were all about hygiene for men and quite frankly this is something that the ladies have been doing for years. We saw an underserved untapped market at that moment. A way to introduce or reciprocate the favor you know. There's quite a lot of health benefits to having your pH levels in balance down there, in regards to keeping some testosterone and what not. As men we don't talk about these things.

Steve: Girls tend to talk a lot about the stuff, men do not. By nature, we go for beer watch a sports game, and we don't talk like women do.

Josh:  Talking matters, some good questions are... when did you get into it. How did you get started, what tools ? It's been a good journey. Yes there are a lot of health benefits, it's fun creating different commercials and spreading the word.

Steve: Yeah I can attest to that. I've been to their offices and its fun everywhere you look. All their ads will make you laugh. What are your favorite products and why?

Josh:Obviously I love the the crop preserver. I mean this thing is so specific and so unique, plus it has  a very manly musky smell.  It gives you 24 hour protection. and less chafing of the balls, which you know as men are rather important to us. We want to keep the family jewels as good as you can.

The lotion also 24 hour protection 24/7. It's true, your significant other will really love you. Besides you wouldn't leave the house without putting deodorant on,  we tend to believe that's the same motto when it comes to the balls. Another tool that I absolutely love is this smooth unique trimmer, we call it the lawnmower, since everything we do is actually revolves around farm equipment.

Steve: I love the names that they come up with like the crop preserver.

Josh: Oh man, you got crop reviver, crop cleanser,  but with the lawnmower, nothing else exists out there.  Honestly, it's tiny designed to fit into small rather dark, hard to reach places.

Josh: We have a lot of fun in the office generating the names, coming up with the products because again it's an unspoken thing about men that we should put the lights on . Those are my 2 favorite products, the crop preserver and the lawn mower, the two go hand in hand fantastically.

Steve:  I've seen some of your videos they're just hilarious and totally original, and you got to have some great testimonials just because of the way that the product is presented.

Josh: Yes, some of the testimonials we get are a little outrageous But we do a different sort of take on testimonials. We ask for horror stories you know reasons as to why we created products and some of my favorites are people trying to use beard trimmers down there and there is a cord involved that got hooked on the faucet and then it nix the sack, and you got all these people having go into the hospital and what not.  

Steve: That's awesome, actually I've seen some of the reviews on it its really good.   We did actually film just at the end of October with Manscaped, and it was one of the best days I've had like at work. We had a great time down at the beach even though we got chucked off.

Josh:It was a lot of fun you know, it really amplified the Movember message and  we got great feedback out of it.

SteveYeah I mean we did rack in a notable amount of sales which is great because 5% of the proceeds went to the Movember foundation which is fantastic.

Josh:The campaign was so good, we actually continued running all the way to the end of December. Why not? More money from November.

Steve: Yeah, we end up collecting a huge amount for that, which is really cool.  Tell us, any predictions for men's grooming in 2018?

Josh: The market for us is definitely growing. It's been trending ever since the metro sexual millennial man has come out. Now that we've kind of carved out this niche for ourselves in regards to below the belt grooming and hygiene, honestly I feel like we’ll continue to refine our tool sets and make sure that they are a little bit better, we have a couple of exciting things that will launch soon for all men out there.

Steve: As a closing point any personal new years resolutions for 2018?

Josh: A personal goal is always to get a little bit more healthy I suppose in the new year, I'll start with a clean slate.

Steve: I like it. I think it's  similar to mine too. Go to a gym more, I’ve been using a baby as an excuse for a little bit too long. I think that goes for everybody to clean up this coming year below the belt. So definitely check out manscape.com.

Josh:Yeah. We've got you got your balls covered, it’s as easy as that.

Check out the Facebook Live Version of this Epic Interview Below ⬇️ 

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