by Michelle Michalak August 22, 2017


Joseph Appert aka @TheSurfingExpert on Instagram, from France shares his experience of handboarding for the first time this summer.

"Every summer, the lack of swell gets frustrating. I've always gone in the water despite poor quality waves. This year though, I passed on the 1ft onshore wind swell sessions and I gave up on taking my traditional shortboards to powerful shorebreaks that closeout directly onto sand.

Did I sit on the beach instead and watch? Nope. 
I've been spending my time having a blast in the shorebreak this summer, handboarding with my Slyde Handboard and catching every wave that comes my way. With this thing, you can get barreled 30+ times in one session. Can't recall the last time this has happened to a surfer. 

I've always enjoyed bodysurfing but Slyde takes it to the next level and I'm excited to push it into bigger waves. I haven't had this much fun in a while and summer is not over yet! Yewww 🌊

PROS: Speed and Compact Size of the board. 
Definitely impressed by the amount of speed you can generate with a board this small. Plus, it's lightweight and super easy to take with you every time you're near waves. 
CONS: Hard to deliberately leave a surfboard on shore when waves are pumping.
RECOMMENDATION: Just like a surfboard, I'd strongly advise using a leash to avoid losing the board off your hand. Also, you'll need fins for your feet to really catch anything you want and feel comfortable in the water when handboarding."

Slyde Handboards Fire Island New York

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Michelle Michalak
Michelle Michalak

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