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Slyde Founders Spotlight: Featuring Tanner Dame of Proof Eyewear

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Slyde Founders Spotlight Featuring Tanner Dame of Proof Eyewear

Slyde Handboards is all about collaborating with cool brands that do good things in the world at large.  

Proof Eyewear does exactly that with a program called "Do Good" to Giving Back both locally and internationally.  Slyde chatted with CEO Tanner Dame to find out more about this epic brand.


Proof was started by myself and my two brothers in 2010. I was in college at the time getting ready to graduate and my older brother Brooks came up with the idea to do a line of wood sunglasses. We grew up in our grandfathers sawmill so we spent our summers working with wood and in the family business which inspired to start Proof. We now don't just create wood sunglasses but we strive to be the most sustainable eyewear brand in the world. 


To be honest I thought I was going to go work in the family business at my grandfathers wood manufacturing business. I have obvous ties and love for what he had created, but ventured off into the world of Proof.

What makes Proof Sunwear different than other sunglasses on the market?

The things that really makes us unique are 3 things, we call them our pillars of Proof. 

  1.  Eco-Friendly:  We produce the most sustainable eyewear in the world whether it be the wood collection, eco collection made from cotton-based acetate or our recycled aluminum line. 
  2.  Heritage:  Being family owned, and based in Boise which is not the mecca for fashion but we love the community that raised us and is a great testing ground for all our products. 
  3.  Do Good:We give 10% of our profits to projects around the world, from India to the Philippians we focus on projects from health and vision, community empowerment, environmental and education. 
All of these things set us apart, we are creating more than just eyewear. 

Proof headquarters and flagship store are in Boise ID…
What advice would you give to someone traveling to Boise for the 1st time? What are 3 musts while there?

Boise is a really unique city, I would say take the time to walk around rather than just a quick drive through town. If you can walk around youll discover some really unique spots to eat, explore. I personally think the activities right outside the city are the most fun. 
Its hard to just say 3 but some of my favorite things to do are the following
  • Float the Boise River
  • Ski/snowboard Bogus Basin
  • Visit JUMP - an interactive community center
  • Saturday Market- Down Town
  • Table Rock is a quick hike
  • Fly Fish Boise River
  • Mountain biking up Military Reserve 

Your Do Good Program is both inspiring and impactful.  Tell us one personal story that really pulled at your heartstrings and stuck with you.

Each location and project have really unique stories that are both inspiring and painful. One of the most impactful projects I will never forget was our project in Nepal, We were able to go to a refugee camp for Syrian Refugees, I didn't know what to expect but once we arrived it was eye-opening the trials and suffering this group of people had gone through.
When I say, group of people, it was over 10,000 people at this one camp alone. They were stuck in a specific area living in tents. The living circumstances were beyond imaginable but these people were some of the happiest people I've ever met. The stories of escape and leaving family behind was touching and motivating to double down on our efforts at Proof. These trips give meaning to the long days and everyday grind.

What’s the main focus for the Do Good Program in 2018?

We are focused on a few projects for 2018 we will be focusing our efforts on a project in Peru. We partner with non-profits who know the area and the needs specifically rather then just gun slinging, they help identify the needs and logistics behind it all. Locally we are always getting involved in Boise and work with a number of nonprofits and great companies to improve our city. 

Check out more from PROOF HERE→

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