October 03, 2018 2 min read

Throughout the 8 years of running Slyde, we have always been passionate about our community and giving back.

From Slyde sponsored beach cleanups to donating product and cash to charity fundraisers.  Of course one dear to our hearts - The Slyde Charity Competition that benefits A Walk on Water.  
Many of you might already know, I was in South Africa for over a month while my mom was fighting cancer.  While in South Africa, I learned of Woza Moya, a non-profit in The Ufafa Valley in South Africa.  
The Valley community has been severely affected by AIDS/HIV and TB, poverty and poor access to quality health care services. There is a 37% HIV prevalence amongst antenatal woman. Unemployment is 83%, and there is environmental degradation and litter from a lack of formal education awareness, skills, resources, and infrastructure. 
Woza Moya provides care for 650 orphaned, and vulnerable children provides home-based care for children and adults with diseases and empower women to make a sustainable living.  
Angela and I are proud and excited to now partner with Woza Moya through Sheila and Venice.    Inspired by the passing of my mom in September 2018 and the land I grew up in, South Africa.

We had both wanted to find a way to give back to those less fortunate and a way to honor her name. Sheila and Venice is the perfect portal that hopefully inspires you too.  
Each Sock Monkey will give your kids, as they have our daughter, hours of imaginative and inventive play. The Sock Monkey you receive is 100% one of a kind, handmade from up-cycled materials that are donated to the Woza Moya foundation. Each Sock Monkey comes with a hand-signed card from the crafter, and your purchase goes directly to the crafter and their family and helps to empower more rural woman of the Ufafa Valley towards sustainable livelihoods.
Our mission is to give back to the communities that raised us. To inspire others to do the same and to show our daughter, Venice she can make a difference.

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Giveback South Africa

steven watts
steven watts

Growing up in South Africa, Steve spent his youth dreaming of far off places. After spending eight years extensively traveling to many of the great surf destinations of the world getting dengue fever, having a near death experience from a falling coconut in mexico, Surviving a 15 foot drop on a handboard on a Nias bomb, jumping from every rock he could find without adequate health insurance. and comprehensively debunking the myth there are no waves in Thailand, even if they are small. He decided it was time for a a degree. Steve Graduated from Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design in London with a degree in product design. He missed his graduation to go surfing in Californian, found a kindred spirit with Venice and never left