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Slyde Handboards loves our customers, and it's clear we're lucky enough that they love us back.

We're stoked to receive some of the nicest, coolest, funniest reviews and couldn't help but share.

James I. : Reviewing the Grom

"Purchased the Grom for my 14 year old nephew.. The handboard is light, buoyant, soft and easy to use. For beginners it is the way to go but it is fun for everyone! I use the Hawaiian Bula Enoka which is awesome as well. The ocean is a happy place and Slyde makes great tools to enjoy it."

Al P. : Surprising lift makes for extra long rides.

"I've used my Racketeer Wedge on small to mid size waves. I am impressed with the ease it provides to catch even the smallest of waves and how far it allows me to get out in front of the biggest. These things are fun and extend rides like you wouldn't believe. I put it in a backpack with a set of fins and take them when I go for a surf. When I get tired of the board, I switch things up with the hand plane. Great tool and easily brought along on any day."

Kenneth L. : Easy to ride for the Keiki in Waikiki

"My son enjoys it everyday, he said 'it's mo bettah than the McDonald's tray he was riding last year.' Da boy took his Frisbee and Flip Flop out of his quiver and now this is all he rides The Hawaiian Bula Drip Handboard with a Go Pro Attachment from Slyde. Go out and buy one, take two they are small"

Dion L :Compression

"The Phish at El Porto, 3-4' sunny California day:) I'm 49 years old and I've been surfing for half of that time. I recently purchased the Phish, a sleek little design with a contoured edge becoming flatter toward the back with a nice little swallow tail. I wasn't too jazzed on the surf, however I headed out anyway using my DaFins. The first couple of waves were not too great but then, I was into a left and getting down the line really good.

The Phish design was great, I was able to push my body out of the water with most of my weight on the it with water flying off of this thing! The shape planed really well and the swallow on the tail was awesome, you can feel it tracking through the wave and then, I was covered.

The air compressed out of my lungs and as I was kicking up to the light getting ready to surface, I took in a deep breath and yelled out with the most happy and deep laugh I can ever remember!! Thank you for making such a great product and giving back the stoke when I needed it! I look forward to a longer life, a great workout and experiencing a new type of wave riding.. being one with the ocean and having her take me again to the place I call home.. I love u guys! 

Jordan S. : You won't regret buying one

"If you love bodysurfing you will absolutely love this board. I now own 2 boards and bought one as a birthday present for a friend. I never go to the beach without my Grom and I tell random people at the beach who ask me about it to go out and get one. Get in on the fun..... you won't regret it."

Randall C. : It was awesome

"I had a chance it use the Bula in the waters of the Northwest. It was awesome!!! I used to bodysurf at Sandy's growing up in Hawaii and now live in the Washington state. I go to the Oregon coast on a yearly basis to enjoy the water and decided to get Bula because I was tired renting boards and wanted something portable. It worked great. Made it easier to catch and ride the wave, better the McDonald board we use before lol. I can't wait to bring this home to Hawaii and try it out in December. Aloha!!"

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