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Slyde Handboards 5 Epic Ambassador Responses

2 min read

Slyde Handboards 5 Epic Ambassador Responses

We love that there’s a slew of you out there amped to represent Slyde on land and in the water.  We’re always talent scouting to see who’s shredding what, and appreciate every #slydehandboards you throw up online.


We ask all Slyde brand ambassador applicants the question 
"Why do you want to be a Slyde Ambassador" and below are 5 thoughtful responses that earned these ambassadors acceptance letters.

Harry Wenman: New Zealand

"I love Slyde and have since I got my first board (the wedge trash talk) last year for my birthday. I love the visual design about keeping the ocean and earth clean as well as the lift and speed it delivers. I live in a small town in New Zealand were my surf life passion began, I travel up and down the coast to find the swells and the barrels. I am now a lifeguard and a crewman for the inflatable boats we use in New Zealand.  I would like to become a Sylde Ambassador to share the Sylde experience and Stoke with not only my friends and surf club mates, but the rest of the community."

Cameron McDermott  Newburyport, MA

"I have been shaping handplanes in my yard out of wood for myself and my friends. I love your company, and go out with my handplane everyday before school on the beach right by my house. It would be so cool to be an ambassador of your great product. Thank you"

Guillermo Lopez San Diego, CA

"Born in San Diego and have loved being in the ocean most of my life. Just got a new Slyde handboard and been having such a good time rippin waves in La Jolla and Pacific Beach. Been telling all of my friends about Slyde and would be stoked to be an ambassador I really enjoy having the opportunity to tell friends about things I love, and I think I could combine my enthusiasm for having fun, my love for photography and my incomparable humor and charm to spread the stoke of Slyde."

Brooks Nardi, Newport Beach, CA

"I want to share my amazing bodysurfing experiences using Slyde Handboards to inspire other's to enjoy the game changing excitement that Slyde products bring."

Bob Dowling Canton, GA 

"To help spread the word about Slyde, of course, and get many others enjoying your great products. I know a bunch of old board surfers who would enjoy taking tubes lying down since they're finding it harder to catch them standing - LOL! Unfortunately, I'm not by the ocean as much these days, but Slyde is a lot easier to travel with and I'd really enjoy introducing it to new places."

Apply to be an Ambassdor HERE→

Michelle Michalak
Michelle Michalak

Michelle's diploma reads BA Psychology with a minor in English, and her license plate reads #CaliforniaDreaming4Life. She begin her career in the NYC fashion industry working with fashion and internet pioneer, However, due the constant "nagging" of her entrepreneurial spirit, her crush on surfing, and hardcore love for the ocean, she chosen to call San Diego home for the past 10 years. On the west coast she 's chased waves & enlightenment working alongside "Gurus" in the online marketing & personal development industries. It in May 2012 she found her true Zen & Stoke, and joined the Slyde Handboards Team.

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