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We love that there’s a slew of you out there amped to represent Slyde on land and in the water.  We’re always talent scouting to see who’s shredding what, and appreciate every #slydehandboards you throw up online.


We ask all Slyde brand ambassador applicants the question 
"Why do you want to be a Slyde Ambassador" and below are 5 thoughtful responses that earned these ambassadors acceptance letters.

Brady Rothschild Asheville NC

"I love the feeling of riding waves. Bodysurfing is really special to me, whether it be sharing waves with my mom and grandfather in our home town of Plettenberg Bay South Africa, or pushing to see what I can do with a handboard and a wave. I love going into the water. I want to show people all that bodysurfing can be."

Christopher Yang San Fransisco, CA

"I have been a Slyde fan since the very beginning. I currently own 5 boards and was a backer on kickstarter. I'm one of the few bodysurfers out here in SF at Ocean Beach and would love to spread the stoke out here!"

Andy Putnam  Catalina Island, CA

"I fell in love with the Slyde family and the boards ever since I borrowed a board from a friend, so I immediately bought a board and leash of my own. Since buying it, I've been using it as often as I can to take an extremely unobtrusive approach to having fun in the ocean.

I really enjoy having the opportunity to tell friends about things I love, and I think I could combine my enthusiasm for having fun, my love for photography and my incomparable humor and charm to spread the stoke of Slyde."

Marco Guzman, Mexico

"It has been a great experience using this equipment since 2012, and been the first one testing it, and sharing the stoke in Mexico and Ixtapa, is now my favorite easy carrying tool, and is always with me in my car or bike, while heading to the beach.

Even though the people see me with certain surprise, asking themselves what I have on my hand while riding the waves, is always nice to hear from local people and tourist of all ages and places, The comment: 'what is that and how is called', hahahaha!!!. So I hope as either Ambassador, Representative, or friend, we can keep a close friendship Slyding for long years to come. All the best Guys."

Misha Kokuashvil Huntington Beach, CA

"I've been a big fan of the product since the brand started, was introduced to Sylde handboards by one of your team riders Brent Cox a few years ago and I have been using as well as promoting the brand ever since. Local in HB and south OC. Usually bodysurf northside pier as well as 14th street and cliffs, on occasion wedge. One of 7 other guys in the lineup during hurricane Marie and was interviewed on ABC World News where I was asked if I was afraid out there,

I simply replied 'yeah, but fear is good for you'. I feel like I can contribute to product promotion, I direct people who ask 'where I can I get one?!' every time I paddle out and always direct them to your site.

I also travel quite a bit and usually bring my fins and handplanes along, so keep checking my feed for posts with your products all over the world. Lookin forward to hearing back thank you for this opportunity to promote an already epic established brand in the bodysurfing industry!"

Apply to be an Ambassdor HERE→

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