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Slyde connected with Christopher & Lukas of OTC online and expanded the relationship offline recently with an epic demo day at Zuma Beach in Malibu, California.

We couldn't wait to share with you more about their mission and vision.

When did Ocean Tech California come about? What was the inspiration behind the organization?

Ocean Technology of California (OTC) concept started late December of 2015 and opened officially in April of 2016. The inspiration to develop OTC was from the lack of information of all the technologies and developments in ocean water sports.

Tell us about your beach fitness & Ocean Training events...
What do they entail, purpose,  feedback from attendees.

We developed “Ocean Basics” program from our research feedback. We found the greatest challenge is working with student’s minds and creating a positive foundation of respecting the ocean. Trust is the first foundation we forge with our students. As students progress, the next level is our “Wave Training” program. We see the soul of the wave the best place for extreme zero gravity resistance while keeping the heart, breath and mind under calm control.

Since the program is just starting, we are gathering the results as we go. Our concept has been described as “revolutionary”.

What charity/cause is most dear to your heart & mission?

OTC mission is to work with as many nonprofits to help their causes and to help as many humans create the bond within  the coastal environment.

What are 3 watersports products you don't leave home without?

Our 3 products we constantly use are our wetsuits, flippers & masks, and boards.
We play according to what the ocean will let us do.

What advice would you give to someone attending one of your events or the 1st time?

Do your research and find what works for you. We encourage everyone to explore and  ask a lot of questions. That’s is the reason why we have created the product demo day. It’s to give the public a reason to get outside and do.

Explore More with OTC→

Ocean Tech Malibu California

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