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My commitment to myself is inspired action, if I feel compelled to do something, go do it.

So I jumped on plane to Hawaii, a solo trip to see firsthand North Shore surf in Action. I learned some epic lessons in the 8days, and hope these tips make your next visit to Hawaii even better.

I’m going on a trip to the North Shore of Hawaii in March in my suitcase I’m packing:

  • Sunscreen: squeeze your favorite reef safe lotion in a 3oz travel size bottle.
  • Baseball hat & a wide brimmed straw style hat protect your face.
  • GoPro: I tested out the GoPro Hero 7 Black here, it beautifully captured the aloha color.
  • Bathing suit/ swim trunks:no brainer you’re surrounded by water & sun
  • Flipflops: being barefoot is completely acceptable at most places too.
  • Sunglasses: the sun is intense, save your eyeballs.
  • Sneakers/ socks:  the lands are absolutely lush & beautiful here. Get your hiking on.
  • Phone Charger: easily forgotten & a terrible thing to miss.
  • Gromboard & DaFins: travel friendly & light to just get out there & kick around.
  • Reusable Waterbottle: keep hydrated and cut down on plastic waste.
  • Beach bag: keep your gear and sand all in one place.
  • Light Weight Windbreaker:  optimal for keeping the sun & rain off (expect occasional rain showers)
  • Sweatpants: fly in comfort & warmth 
  • Sweatshirt: nights get chilly better make it a hoodie.

3 Things I Should Have Left at Home

  • Jeans, at no time did I think “I want to wear jeans.” 
  • All agendas, that’s not how things operate on the island. Island time is a real thing, and just like jet leg it’s best to deal with it straight away. Ease up, and relax into the flow.
  • My super thick & non-travel friendly towel, which took up 1/3 of my suitcase. (Leus Surf Towels  are the go)

6 Words That Will Help Get Your Vibe Right

  • Aloha: Hello & Goodbye
  • Mahalo: Thank You
  • Howzit:  Friendly short version of how’s it going ?
  • Haleiwa: Small beach town just outside of all the big wave action.
  • Kaha Nalu Hawaii: Sharing the True Spirt of aloha & the art of Hawaiian Bodysurfing
  • Keali’i: Kay-Uh-Lee- Ee Hawaiian Bodysurfer that you’ll want to keep on your radar

Helpful Technology

  • Hawaiian Airlines Shows: Only videos that are free, but also really entertaining & educational about all things Hawaii; like Powwow, Poke & Ocean Vodka.
  • Waze: I love this directional map in everyday life, and even off-roading in HI, it never let me down, giving you the quickest real-time traffic routes.
  • Stactapp: Live Events, Athlete Profiles, and In Depth Stats in real time. An awesome app addition for the Pipeline Bodysurfing Competition

11 places I’m stoked on

  • Banzai Pipeline: shear power & magnificence, which can only be properly experienced in person.
  • The Volcom House: Sooo much surf history & stoke happened at this spot.
  • Waimea Bay: gorgeous family beach tends to have steep shorebreak.
  • Dukes: Restaurant in Waikiki
  • Outsite: Co-living/ Co-working house with a location in Haleiwa
  • Foodland: I literally ate 99% of all meals from here with 5 different high quality Poke’s to choose from
  • Turtle Bay Resort: beautiful spot to catch happy hour & sunset.
  • Green World Coffee Farm: Hawaii is the only state in the United States that grows it’s own coffee, and the flavor & taste are next level.
  • Dole Pineapple: Choo Choo take The Pineapple Express train 
  • Point Panics: Bodysurfing history at it's best, loved seeing the dedication area to bodysurfers past. 

3 Places or Things I Wish I’d done

  • Paddleboarded under Haleiwa Rainbow Bridge & up the river
  • Checked out the Eastside of the Island
  • Experienced Sandy’s Beach Park

5 Random Helpful Tips

  • Ocean conditions vary significantly by season. North Shore in the winter is FIRING this means big 20waves, rips, a hot spot for the worlds best pro surfers. It is definitely not snorkeling season.
  • Airport is Honolulu Hawaii 45 minute drive to da North Shore
  • Instagram is an awesome resource for real live trip information.  Simply Search by location of interest and click recent. I scored insights to my favorite hike of the trip on here.
  • Roosters run da Northshore, bring ear plugs for sleeping.
  • Island Time & typical day is done by 8pm (there’s no party, and there’s definitely no after parties) Unless you’re personally throwing them.
  • If getting a rental car, be sure you select airport pick up for location. (I unfortunately did not & had to spend a decent amount of $$ on Uber)
  • Get use to doing U-turns, most roads are 1 way in & out, and if you wait for spot to turn around you could be going in the wrong direction for 45minutes.
  • Oahu is the shape of pig & has been know to have some of the best pork in the world.
  • Radio station are few & far between so get your Island Vibes playlist ready. 

Watch more adventures unfold HERE→

Haleiwa Hawaii North Shore

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