by Guest Blogger August 04, 2017

Slyde appreciates feedback from our customers, it's these insights & experiences that help innovate the future of our handboards.

Although Darren's personal preferences varies from our design intentions (as seen here) it's testament to the fact that choosing a Slyde Handboard is an individual choice. 

Darren's breakdown of 3 Slyde Handboards Shapes:

I've had the chance to ride all three boards a few times over the last couple of months. The first comment is that these boards are leagues above anything else I have ever tried before.

The technology employed in each, from the materials of construction to the design detail, is immediately apparent. The Bula is best in smaller, slower breaking waves (up to about four feet) as you would expect with a smaller board. Once the energy gets too much, the wave can overpower the board and the board can catch a rail. Under that critical point, the board carves beautifully though.

Serious Surf

Once the serious surf comes around, it's time to bring our the big toys - the Wedge and the Phish. I love these boards so much and it's really a question of conditions as to which one I prefer on the day.  

If the wave is steep then the Wedge has the advantage. It's able to hold a rail on the steepest part of the face, so you can sit in the peak energy source and go faster. It is not possible to overpower this board, no matter what the size - this board holds it line even if the wave is so quick that your body starts skipping across the face. I've found the best way to use this board is to have two hands pressing down hard on the board.  As I said, impossible to overpower. I've had this board out in ten foot plus and never had it skip out. This board on the big days draws the most comments from the spectators.

Slyde-ing With A Buddy

My buddy and I often take out a Phish and a Wedge. It is interesting to see the guy using the Wedge sits higher on the face if we are on the same wave. If the wave is large but slightly less steep then the Phish is the master. The optimum riding position with this is one hand on the board and the other trailing your body, this allows more more flexible trimming and more acrobatics. I think of it is my hotdogging board. I think it is great for those slower point breaks with long faces - like the points of Noosa.

Summing up, these days when i am checking out surf conditions, I find myself excited when the surf is better for hand-boarding than the regular stand up surfing.

It's given me more options to have fun in more conditions - isn't that the aim of any waterman?
Guest Blogger
Guest Blogger

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