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Slyde's Spring Break Gear & Fashion Guide 2018: 7 Rad Vacation Essentials

2 min read

Slyde's Spring Break Gear & Fashion Guide 2018 7 Rad Vacation Essentials

Turn it up this Spring Break with these seven must have beach essentials.

Slyde's taken the chore out of packing for Spring Break, grab these items and head directly to the beach for some well deserved sun and fun.

Everyday California: Waterproof Snapback 
#EverydayCalifornia #RootedinAdventure

Waterproof baseball cap by Everyday California

When heading off on a spring break beach vacation, we guarantee there will be water and liquid involved. Whether poolside or seaside, Everyday California's waterproof hat is designed for adventure and style. 

Fun Fact: These awesome snapbacks also float! 

Slowtide: Beach Towels

Slowtide Beach Towel

Spring break 2018 is all about the unexpected, the bold, the bright.  Stand out from the crowd of boring basic beach towel goers, with Slowtide.  Super soft & absorbent 100% woven cotton towels, that let your unique personality shine.

Fun Fact:  Slowtide products were inspired in an effort to create a new medium for art, bringing traditional "wall art" into the great outdoors. 

Proof Eyewear: Sunglasses

I want proof wooden sunglasses

Sunglasses should be a vital part of your spring break packing list, and not just any sunnies will do. Proof handcrafted wood sunglasses, throw some serious shade on other glasses on the market.  Trust us, you'll want to wear these sunglasses at night.

Fun Fact: Each purchase from the Proof wood collection eyewear supports Health and Vision projects throughout the world.

Shinesty: Swim Briefs

Fun Men's Swimbrief

Katy Perry might have taken over the airways with her song "Roar" but we promise you'll be the only Man Candy the ladies see when rocking these sweet swim briefs. Spring break is the perfect time to earn your strips and unleash the tiger with in. 

Fun Fact:  Shinesty believes that "when worn correctly, the right clothing can make Mike Tyson's albino tiger purr like a kitten."

Zinka Sunscreen: Colored Nosecoat

Zinka Colored Sunscreen

With 14 epic colors to choose from Zinka takes us back to the 80s, embracing a vibrate lifestyle full of color and stoke.  Why wear clear sunscreen when you could look like a tribal warrior of fun. Face painting shouldn't be reserved for college football games, it's time to take it to the beach.

Fun Fact:  Zinka is the original action sports sunscreen company, credited with introducing the first ever colored zinc oxide sunblock, for the best total BLOCK available. 

Slyde: Soft-Top Handboard

Slyde Handboards Soft Top Starter Board

The most compact & portable wave riding tool on the planet. The Grom handboard puts epic wave riding in the palm of your hand, fitting into most backpack. Less hassle = more fun. 

Fun Fact: Slyde Handboards have been known to make great shot serving trays, cheers!

Reef: Bottle Opener Sandals

Reef Men's Sandals Bottle Opener

Turns out sandals aren't made for just walking. Legendary three-time world surf champ Mick Fanning puts the FUN in function in these Reef flipflops, there's a built in bottle opener in the footbed.  Who's the most liked person at Spring break now...the bartender and YOU.

Fun Fact: Get ready for next level comfort with a full 360-degree heel airbag in these puppies.

Got your bags packed but still up in the air on where to go?!
We've got you covered...

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