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There's a handful of places on earth, that peek our interest not only for epic waves, but also their dangerous allure.

We're talking sharks swimming in the blue waters alongside razor-sharp coral as huge waves break around you. 

Sounds like a scene out of Jaws, or just an everyday occurrence at some of the most dangerous surf breaks featured below.

Teahupo’o in Tahiti:

Located on a reef off the southwest coast of the island of Tahiti. Situated in the southern Pacific ocean, it really gives a mind-blowing experience to bodysurfers.
As shared in Spencer & PK's "Tales of Tahiti."  It's in Tahiti you'll discover deep 
massive walls of waves, which break onto unforgiving sharp reefs.

Praia do Norte located in Nazaré Portugal:

Even expert bodysurfers, who have a thorough experience of the ocean find these big waves often test their capabilities. Praia do Norte located in Nazare, is a famous spot of Portugal where the biggest waves have ever been surfed. 

Renowned Brazilian surfer, 
Rodrigo Koxa, holds the record for dropping in on a 80foot wave. For the 1st time in history a bodysurfing contest will be taking place at Nazare,  called "Masters of the Temple" where 20 extremely brave and talented bodysurfers will take on this dangerous break.  The holding period is from Oct 16- Dec 2 2018, stay tuned to watch this historical event unfold.

Waimea in Hawaii: 

This striking big wave surfing spot is located just below the Kamehameha Highway, which offers some of the hugest waves around the world. The name elicits a combination of emotions... excitement, inspiration and anxiety, as the waves at this spot can reach up to sixty feet. Waimea is home to a variety of professional surf contests, and powerful hallow barrels for bodysurfers.

Pipeline in Oahu:

Pipeline is considered one of the deadliest waves in the world, which is located on the northern shore of Oahu. With highly powerful waves breaking just yards from the shore over a jagged coral reef.  Professional surfers like Malik Joyeux and famous photographers such as Jon Mozo, and surfer Joaquin Velilla have unfortunately lost their lives, while exploring the perilous waves of Pipeline. 

The first Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic ran in February 1971, and now takes place every winter on the North Shore of Oahu, drawing a variety of talent from Kaha Nalu Hawaii.

Mavericks in California:

This extraordinary surfing spot is located in the ‘Red Triangle’ of northern California. It is named so because a huge number of white sharks often assemble in that area. With its 20-plus-foot cold water waves, Mavericks has the capability to kill both surfers and sea creatures.  There's even a movie "Chasing Mavericks" on this legendary break.

Mike Parsons revealed the basic yet significant principle of surfing at Mavericks. He said that it is not at all recommended to surf when there’s low tide at the spot. In such a scenario, the waves can keep someone underwater for such a long period of time that it can be absolutely deadly for them.

Shipstern Bluff in Australia:

On the southern side of Tasmania in Australia, there lies the Shipstern Bluff. It produces some of the most massive waves, which often times slam into a ledge composed of granite. 

With a dreary combination of dangerous sharks and icy-cold temperature, this spot is just for the professionals and definitely no one else. The waves of Shipstern Bluff are known for varied shapes, rips, and unpredictable inner formations.

If you thrive on fear, and want to push the boundaries grab a handboard and hit one of the extreme bodysurfing breaks above. 

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