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Slyde Handboards has 2 distinct shapes The Wedge & The Bula Handboard

What's up, guys? Dalton Smith from NPI Productions, and we're coming at you with another Slyde Handboards tutorial. Today, we're going to be talking about the differences between the Bulaand the Wedge.

Two of Slyde Handboards' best boards and we want to break them down and show you what you can look to get from each of the boards.

I have love for both of these boards, I started riding the Wedge for a long time, a couple of years ago. The Bula is a little bit newer design, and we want to show you guys the differences in these boards, why they both belong in your quiver, and kind of explain the different conditions and breaks where they excel.

Why Pick The Wedge Model Slyde Handboard:

The Wedge is by far the most popular design that Slyde has made, and it's designed to work with average surf. And what I mean by average surf is your everyday stuff. If you don't have a big swell going on, it's small, mushy, whatever, this is what's going to really do well in those conditions.

That being said, the Wedge is a 90% solution for most people that don't have great waves, but when you use it in that other 10%, when it's firing, you're going to be far from disappointed. This is a really great board in crappy conditions, and it's an even better board in really great conditions.

You're going to notice that we've got that swooping Wedge design at the bottom, and we've got both of the rails coming in. Right here in the center, where my palm meets the Wedge, it's a little bit thicker. And the reason for this is, it makes it so much more forgiving.

If you are unfamiliar with bodysurfing and you want something that's going to give you that little bit of extra push, this is why we've done this. This board is designed to make a really easy and positive experience when you're going out in any conditions. Like we said, they might not be the best, but this board will help you make the best out of any conditions.

Why Pick The Bula Model Slyde Handboard:

Now that we've broken down the Wedge, it's time to jump into my new best friend, the Bula. All right, ladies and gentlemen, this is the Bula. And to make it short and sweet, this is the most advanced and performance-driven handboard on the market today.

Not only do we have this deep concave, we've got these crisp, short rails on both sides, and this is going to allow you to effortlessly carve through the narrowly shore break, and then you're going to be able to get through sections and get into barrels you would've never been able to make without having this particular design.

When I first got this board I was blown away not only by the performance, but I was visually seeing this board in action when I was going right, the rail is digging into the water and it's just shooting out, it's not coming in my face and it's shooting straight down the wave, and it's doing exactly what it was designed to do. Simply put, the Bula is designed for the elite bodysurfer who wants to take their bodysurfing to the next level. You want to go on bigger waves, you want to make bigger drops, this is the board for you.

Why Both for your Bodysurfing Quiver

All right guys, that's it, we got both of our designs, the Wedge, the Bula, really great boards, but very different boards. And it's important to know that and realize that you need both in your quiver.

The Wedge is going to get you through those slow days, and probably even be one of your favorite boards on the good days, and then the Bula is just the beast. It's going to drive, it's going to get you through thick, meaty barrels, and you're going to fall in love with both. So, I really hope you guys found this informative and enjoyed it. We'll see you next time.

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