April 10, 2017 1 min read

According the The Next Web  these 5 brands are InstaCommunity focused.

Slyde Handboards, Redbull, SNL, FashionNova, and National Geographic are harnessing Instagram's features to share human moments, inspirational stories, and engaging behind-the-scenes vidoes, helping audiences to feel more connected as a community.

The full feature covers in depth the appeal of Instagram as a visual storytelling platform, and success tips from brands that are using it the "right" way.

Red Bull

"Red Bull is often lauded as being one of the original brands to shine a spotlight on its audiences"

Fashion Nova

"Realizing that their customers love sharing their style choices with their own followers, Fashion Nova has created a feed completed centered on their customer’s’ own stylistic interpretation."

Saturday Night Live

"SNL’s social team implements an Instagram content strategy that equally highlights the past and the present, and the on stage and off."

Slyde Handboards

"By leveraging the power of user generated content, Slyde is letting its passionate community members promote for them; when a potential customers view a community member’s photo or videos they experience a second-hand rush."

National Geographic 

"Each photo or video featured in the feed is a story in and of itself. NatGeo’s 73.4M followers can simply log into Instagram to discover another facet of life they had never previously imagined.

Slyde Handboards is stoked to be mentioned in the company of such legendary brands.  
A Massive Thank You to our Epic Community!
Michelle Michalak
Michelle Michalak

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