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Whomp Camp 2.0 has come and gone in NSW Australia.
The action packed weekend includes camping, whomping, and endless FUN.

We caught up with Daniel Carr aka @Captain_Kookmanfor a recap of the epic weekend.
Friday Kickoff at Whomp Camp

Well, what an awesome weekend, where the stars aligned and Mother Nature turned it on for us.  What started as a weekend is slowing turning it Whomp Week. It's been a general consensus that Friday is usually the best day for conditions so nearly half the attendees arrived throughout the day on Friday for the weekend ahead, some arriving early and others into the afternoon.

Vic Ivecwent next level and actually turned up on the Thursday to get a spot in the camp ground that would hold us all.  For the Central Coast crew we were split into two traveling parties, the Before School Drop Off and Post School Drop Off, which was all part of the "leave pass" requirements with our respective partners. 

The Conditions:

Adam Molony took the BSDO and scored some epic early morning waves early all to himself. What he didn't know at the time though was the reason he was all alone was the local parks and wildlife team had planned some weed spraying activities throughout the national park on the Friday and they actually been blocking access to the beaches so the by product being that Adam scoring whilst a Park ranger waited on shore for him to return. 

What it meant for the Post School Drop Off crew, including Slyders Grant Jaques, Michael Stringer& myself was that with our midday arrival we could check or go out for a surf, so we unpacked and set up our respective swags or in Grant's case his caravan and eagerly awaited the ranger blocking to sand dune access to the beach to head off....

2pm came and finally the weed spraying was done, so the mad rush of about 20 bodysurfers over dune to the beach ensued and boy were we met with a sight. The beach was blessed with some awesome clean peaks, and we were frothing.  


We all hit the water for an awesome afternoon session, more people joining as they arrived, Saturday night we set in around the Camp fire to catch up, have a chat, share some beers, stories and laughs and also meeting some new first timers. For some the night was early and others late.....I was the latter and my head paid the price he next morning. 


Saturday morning we all got up, eager to see what the conditions were like. Treachery was a bit mixed up with a bit of morning sickness so we checked Lighthouse beach which was teeming with a pod of around 30 dolphins playing in the waves, we ended up jumping in at Treachery, scattered across the peaks with the sound of Matt Ruscoe hollering into some sandy shories. More people arrived throughout the day from various locations and the camp site grew to over 40 attendees spread from the south coast of New South Wales and up to the Gold Coast in Queensland. 

Saturday afternoon we ventured north for waves, first stop for some was Celitos and others moving on to check out Boomerang Beach, the group I was with took the option to stay at Celitos which turned out to be a good call as we got around 45mins to ourselves before the traveling whompers returned to overrun the breaks before returning to camp for the much awaiting arrival of Cliff Flax's alter ego.....Belly Slater. 

The arrival of Belly Slater

We had to extend the the camp fire with the swelling numbers and well all set it for the night which involved Cliff taking center stage with his guitar and the now traditional Whomp Camp sing along. 


Sunday morning we packed up and the set off for one last session before heading our own ways, heading back to Celitios we all hit the water in some fun conditions which made to an awesome weekend. We said our goodbyes jumped in the cars and headed up, sore from some fun sessions and lots of laughter, looking forward to next year. 
Whomp Camp 2.0 the Recap: Bodysurfing & Handboarding NSW OZ With Captain Kookman

All photo's by Adam Molony @enjoytheride2

Bodysurfing & Handboarding NSW OZ With Captain KookmanBodysurfing & Handboarding NSW OZ With Captain Kookman

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