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Vacation. The mere mention of this word excites almost anyone! So where is your family going? What are you planning to do?

A trip to the beach is always a good idea. Sun, sand, and sea! Beach vacations make perfect holidays.

Have you planned anything exciting for the family yet? If not, don’t worry! We have the perfect idea for you! If you feel you have tried almost everything and have done the same activities over and over on your vacations, it’s about time you try something new.

However, are you looking for an activity that the whole family can enjoy? If you want to do something else aside from enjoying the view, we say – handboarding!

This suggestion may rise a few eyebrows. Can our family handboard? Is it a good idea for our ages? There are a lot of misconceptions on handboarding that’s why people are reluctant to try it. Well, here are some reasons why you should try them on your next vacation:

Bodysurfing isn’t just for professionals. – Probably, we see bodysurfing as a sport only done by professionals. We see them in the news, in social media, riding these amazing waves. It probably makes a casual viewer think that it’s not something they could do. The thing is, you don’t have to do what they are currently doing.

It took them years of practice and training to do that. These professional bodysurfers were also beginners at some point in their lives. You don’t have to be a professional to get into this activity. You also don’t have to ride the waves they are accustomed to. Besides, that’s dangerous for beginners.

There is bodysurfing for beginners. No big, intimidating waves, just right for your current level. Even without riding those big waves, it would still be fun.Bodysurfing isn’t just for a specific age. – We see a lot of people in their 20s or perhaps in their teens handboarding and we quickly assume that we could be too young or too old to try it.

We say though, use your best judgment. It depends upon your physical mobility and not your age. You might be surprised to see younger kids and even old people attempting to do it. As said earlier, it’s an activity not limited to professionals. Although, it’s advantageous to start on it while you’re young, but your age shouldn’t prevent you from trying something new. If you think you are physically fit to do it, why not? 

With that, handboarding can be one of the things your family could do on your next trip. It’s worth giving it a try. And handboards fit inside a backpack, to make traveling light effortless.  It might be an activity all of the family members would enjoy.

Remember to always listen and pay attention also to safety guidelines and etiquette. Also, don’t forget to chill and have fun while you’re at it!

About the Contributor

Tracie Thomas writes about health, sports, and fitness and frequently blogs on Onebed, manufacturer of the mattress in a box. You can check out her other articles at

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