August 13, 2019 2 min read

Slyde Intern & Ambassador Matt Abdo hasn't always been a handboarder, this is his story.

Just like the majority of people, I started bodysurfing without a board just my body. 

As I got more into it however, I got to see and learn more about handboards and all the benefits of them. I originally thought this thing will slow me down, but I started seeing more and more people getting epic waves on these things, so I decided to give one a try. My very first handboard was a small wooden little Victoria handboard and I took it straight out into some Huntington shore break. I

t made a huge difference in how quick and early I got into the wave and the amount of control I had while Slyding down the face. After figuring out I like the extra lift, speed, and control that handboards bring, I set out to pick the best board for me and for the conditions I usually go out in.

After looking around a bit (didn’t take long for Slyde to standout) I chose the Slyde Handboards Bula Board. It is small enough for me to swim with comfortably, has insane concave that helps fit the steep shape of majority of the waves I surf, and super sharp rails that give you really nice tight turns in the pocket and help you hold your line all the way through.

The board improved my wave count ridiculously. I was finding myself swimming in with ease and letting the board do a lot of work. It would drop you right into the pocket and keep you locked in while maintaining enough speed to keep you going. The sharp rails are perfect for quick tight turns right into the barrel, and you will get plenty of those. Overall bodysurfing with a Handboard is in my opinion the best way to get out in the water, have a blast, catch a more waves, get more barrels, and all while getting a great workout. 

Now Matt is a signature face on the handboarding contest circuit.

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