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11 Simple Ways to Save the Ocean From Turning into Plastic Soup!

November 08, 2012 1 min read

11 ways to keep plastic out of our oceans
With all of the different types of plastic out in the world, it's no surprise that some of them will end up in the water.  Here's a list of ways that you can help keep the ocean and beaches plastic free.
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Surfrider's Five Best Ads

November 05, 2012 2 min read

Surfrider's Five Best AdsToday, we look at the five best images/advertisements (in our opinion obviously) created by the Surfrider Foundation. Whatever your opinion on which ones you think do the best job, you have to admit they are all very provocative and really get the point across! 
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Shredding Paper in the Incredible Short Film, "Much Better Now"

November 02, 2012 1 min read

Much Better Now short filmIn “Much Better Now”, the main character is a bookmark, stuck in a forgotten book, caught in a life marked by standstill in a deserted room. One day, wind knocks over the book and blows the bookmark onto the table, separating them. 
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Great Hairy Barrels!

October 31, 2012 1 min read

hair barrels surfingGet tucked under Tom Cruise’s coiffed locks, perform a vicious cutback on Callista Gingrich’s frontal lobe or better yet, get barreled on Marilyn. 
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Bodywhomp/Bodysurf Session at El Porto

October 24, 2012 1 min read

bodysurf session at El PortoWhat better than a late afternoon bodywhomp/bodysurf session with handboards and mates in the shore break at El Porto?  It was a case of a bad session turned fun.  I'm still removing sand from various places. 
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Welcome to the Team: Morgan Smith

October 21, 2012 1 min read

New Slyde team rider Morgan SmithWe are back, this time to welcome Morgan Smith to the Slyde Handboards team. Morgan hails from Mary Esther, Florida and is the official Slyde rider rep on the east coast.
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Grant Schofield Fiji Trip Update!

October 18, 2012 1 min read

Grant Schofield Fiji trip updateThe first images of the great Grant Schofield's Fiji trip are starting to trickle in. We will have a short video up as soon as we get the footage for that. As Grant was saying, it was an amazing week with amazing surf! 
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Point Panic Junior Bodysurfing Classic!

October 16, 2012 1 min read

Point Panic Junior Bodysurfing ClassicJoin the Hawaiian crew at Point Panic for the 1st Annual Point Panic Junior Bodysurfing classic.  Thanks to 
EiaKa Manawa for putting us in the loop.  For the latest event info please, visit
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International Surfing Day: What We We're Up To

October 12, 2012 1 min read

International Surfing DayBefore you say anything: yes, we did pick up our very fair share of crap off the beach. Then we got down to some very early morning fun in the waves.
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Test Driving Our New Shape

October 10, 2012 1 min read

Slyde Donnie Brink new shapeWe are always working on new shapes and new ways to ride. We are currently prototyping three or four different shapes for release in the future! This is just one of them.
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June 20th is Officially International Surfing Day

October 08, 2012 1 min read

June 20th is international surfing dayThe California Assembly recently approved that June 20th will officially be International Surfing Day, and the head of the sport's international advocacy group is urging people to take the day off to hit the waves.
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New Limited Edition Designs Set for Release

October 03, 2012 1 min read

new limited edition designThe last couple of days have seen us working on a few more designs to add to the collection! These designs will be limited editions of only a few boards. We are also working on some more amazing designs for our future boards. 
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Venice Skate Park Competition

September 28, 2012 1 min read

Venice Skate Park CompetitionJune 24th will see the Venice Skate Park competition kick off with well-known international and local skateboarders competing at the new Venice Skate Park
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Cory and Alana Surf Together

September 24, 2012 1 min read

Cory and Alana surf together HawaiiFrom our friends over at Surf Bang, we bring you probably the cutest video you are ever gonna see! Cory Lopez and his daughter, Alana, surfing in Hawaii.  You have to see this! I don’t have kids, but this seems like a good reason to. 
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Underwater Training With Your Slyde Handboard!

September 20, 2012 1 min read

Underwater training with a Slyde HandboardMy brother and I were doing underwater laps in the local pool when we had the idea to use the Woody handboard while doing it. It was more of an experiment than anything else!  
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Brian Fannin Shredding Point Panic, Oahu

September 15, 2012 1 min read

Brian Fannin shredding at Point Panic, OahuBrian just sent us this sweet shot of him pulling in at Point Panic, Honolulu, Oahu. Another great shot from one of our great riders. 
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Lindsay Carron: Artist Workshop

September 12, 2012 2 min read

Lindsay Carron: Artist WorkshopOne of our talented artists, Lindsay Carron is up to some fabulous things this summer. Check out these workshops and get involved.
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Flat Surf? Try One of These in the Meantime

September 07, 2012 1 min read

Flat surf?  Try a Hamboard.Over the weekend we tried one of these Hamboards, and we have to say we're pretty stoked on them. Over the years, various skateboards have tried to capture that feeling of being on a wave.
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Welcome Zach Hawkins to the Slyde Team

September 03, 2012 1 min read

Zach Hawkins new Slyde Team RyderWe welcome Zach to the Slyde ryder team.  Zach, who resides in Carlsbad, California can be seen shredding on any given day!  Just look for the head in the water and it’s probably Zach about to get slotted on another bomb.
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Get Dad Ready for Summer! 15% Off This Father's Day With Code: THEOLDMAN

August 27, 2012 1 min read

get dad ready for Father's Day with Slyde Handboards is right around the corner, and we know Dad can only use so many ties and cigars. Give him the gift of speed! Celebrate the old man by taking him out on the water this summer.
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Welcome to the Team Thomas Burkett

August 23, 2012 1 min read

Slyde Art Syndikit new artist Thomas BurkettI met Thomas at the Encinitas Surf Fair a few weekends back.  We also invited him to join our Art Syndikit. We love Thomas' ocean-inspired art.  It really speaks to us!  Check out more of his art here.
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Venice Art and Crafts Meet

August 20, 2012 1 min read

Venice Arts and Crafts MeetThe new outdoor market + craft summit resumes with some fine music on hand, including swing from Dustbowl and our friends, The Fox Hills Five + Dafni starting at 11AM.  
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Slyde Handboards Adventures: Amazing Surf Vehicles

August 16, 2012 2 min read

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Dustbowl Revival This Friday

August 15, 2012 1 min read

Dust Bowl RevivalOur friends from the Dustbowl Revival are playing this Friday! If you haven’t seen these guys play, then get down there. 
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Slyde Demo Day Pictures

August 13, 2012 1 min read

Slyde demo dayFrom what we could see from the smiles on everyone's faces, they all had a very good time! The weather was amazing, as I’m sure you remember if you were around Venice on Memorial Day!
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Grant Schofield Rider Review

August 09, 2012 1 min read

Grant Schofield Rider ReviewWe have a new believer!  Grant Schofield from Merewether on the New South Wales coast in Australia just gave one of our boards a try out in what looks like some decent surf, and here is what he had to say about it.
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Paddleboard Race and Festival This Weekend in Santa Monica!

August 02, 2012 1 min read

Santa Monica paddleboard raceThe third annual Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race and Ocean Festival is taking place this Saturday, June 9th! The event features multiple ocean-based events as well as spectator activities. 
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Terry Martin: A Few Words from a Shaping Legend

July 27, 2012 1 min read

Terry Martin shaping film debutI am happy to share the link with you all and encourage you to pass it on to anyone. It’s the simplest of websites that hosts the link to the movie.
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Changing Lives - Bodysurfing with Autism, Come Hell or High Water

July 13, 2012 2 min read

Come Hell or High Water bodysurfing and autism
After the Australian release of Come Hell or High Water the filmmakers received this heartfelt message from Coffs Harbour-based parents Greg and Donna Edwards. Kyan, their 8-year-old son, has autism.
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Slyde Tees are Here!

July 10, 2012 1 min read

Slyde tees apparelHere is just a little tease of the new line of tees making their way into our store.   All of our shirts are made from the softest cotton and made to be worn when its hot. That means none of that thick jersey material!  
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A New Sport! Armpit Barreling!

July 06, 2012 1 min read

new sport armpit barrelingRemember TARP Surfing?  Now we have armpit barreling!  All you need for an awesome time is you, a good buddy and a handboard! Ohh, and a skateboard of your choosing. 
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Grant Schofield Getting Ready for Fiji

July 02, 2012 1 min read

Grant Schofield getting ready for FijiGrant Schofield is getting ready for an epic trip to Fiji with his Slyde handboards.  Keep an eye out right here for all of the latest news as he gets ready for his trip.  It's going to be an epic one!
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Fun Times in the Shore Break

June 30, 2012 1 min read

bodysurfing shore break DockweilerThis morning my bro and I got up for a dawny.  On the way down there, we saw Dockweiler looking half-decent.  Just off the rock pile was a nice little right headed out there and so we got a few sick waves and a couple insane barrels.
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Famous Bodysurfers: This Will Surprise You

June 27, 2012 1 min read

John Wayne famous bodysurfersWell here, we go again! Another story from the world of bodysurfing you probably didn't know existed.  This one is courtesy of our friends over at MYLIFEINWATER
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My LIFEINWATER: A True Waterman's Story

June 26, 2012 1 min read

My Life in Water: A True Waterman's StoryCharl is the owner of MYLIFEINWATER blog and as you can imagine, it is dedicated to, as we are here at Slyde, everything water related. Under, over, through it: You name it, we want to do it.  And so does Charl.
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Chase Miller! The Surfboardman Blog

June 22, 2012 1 min read

Chase Miller from the Surfboardman blog features Slyde HanboardsChase from the Surfboardman was kind enough to put Slyde on his blog.  Thanks for the support bro, and keep up the hard work.
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