The wedge handboard

The Everyday board

An exceptionally popular board with beginners wanting to take their riding to the next level, the Wedge shape is designed to shred every-day surf, by Every-day I mean average surf; the stuff we ride in between real swells. The wedge is a 90% solution! However its so much fun the other 10% you will probably wish you had it.

The inspiration for the shape comes from the shortboards of the late 80's. With the Swallow tail and distinct double hard wings that not only allow for points of water release out the back but also helps in preventing spray back.

The break in outline from the wings allows for extra width without an excessive curve to the tail. The concave running almost the entire length of the board funnels water in under the rocker and out the back, this creates more speed and again less/no spray back.

The extra width at the center point where the palm sits means the wedge is far more forgiving and stable when riding for uninitiated to Handboarding. It is not primarily a beginners board but a the more experienced will love this as it shreds anything. This board will catch whatever you want to catch

Slyde Team

Screen printed graphics

At Slyde we use the screen printing (serigraphy) graphic application process for both the deck and bottom of the board, this means scratch resistance and color brilliance never before seen on a handboard. This is the most advanced handboard in the world. It will blow you away

precision manufacturing

Our patented shapes goes through years of testing and refining to perfect. We stop at nothing to create a shape that not only represents our brand but also the kind of shape and board we would personally ride.

A board that is perfect for beginners and also a great board that can handle all sorts of conditions if you are a experienced in the ocean. There are over 30 individual steps and hours of labor that go into making every Slyde Handboard. We stop at nothing to make the perfect wave riding machine. We are innovators and designers that strive to use all the technology at our disposal to create the most advanced and perfectly shaped handboards.